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  • Time Shock
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    There was suppose to be an explosion. Something told the onlooking black pegasus that there was suppose to be a loud bang, and all of the robots would be blown back, and everything would turn out okay in the end... But one second the foal was there, and the next he was gone. There was no explosion. The robots were no...

  • Space's Art Book
    388 83 12

    Whoops. I forgot this account existed.

  • Gravity Falls S3 (Continued)
    4.5K 171 8

    Ah, back in Gravity Falls for another summer of weirdness and family adventures!! Bill is gone and there's nothing to worry about...well...pertaining him at least. There's a new villain and her name is Sil Houette and she's not here to play games. She'll get what she wants. One way or another. Its up to the Pines Twin...

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong [Randomness Book 2]
    454 31 12

    The Book Where I Tempt Fate and we See How it Goes?! Random tags. Updates. And other fun stuff are in store!! So come on! After all What Could Possibly Go Wrong

  • Spartans Never Die (Halo based)
    1.4K 146 11

    Senior Chief 118 has just saved their planet Atrius, barely escaping from death via Nuclear bomb that Petty officer Kyle detonated. They nearly lost 118, and Kyle was presumed KIA. However, in that wasteland of wreckage, a heart was still beating. Kyle finds himself in a strange base, with strange people, and no reco...

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon: Adventures In Alola
    466 46 4

    *CURRENT COVER BY @ScatterBrain52. ITS SO AMAZING!* Welcome to the Alola Region! A seemingly small archipelago, but just like any other place there are stories to tell. When a young duo of trainers: Beeba and Middy start there Alolan Island Trial. There excursion of Alola will have them meeting many new friends as w...

  • Zara Series 1
    2 0 1

    A young woman, taken by a criminal as a child and raised as his assasin, works with a corporation whose soul purpose is to keep peace between dimensions to take down the man who kidnapped her.

  • The Fauly In Out Steps (and other autocorrect tragedies)
    957 283 21

    Don't let the automobile (autocorrect) get you down! We all hate autocorrect. I know it, you know it. We all know what we want to say, but our smart devices always think they know better. Those little devils...anyways, read this for that "I know the feels!" reaction that's always so wonderful. And keep writing, champ.

  • Project Freelancer: Alaska
    4.1K 130 26

    Being pulled into a crazy program during the war against the covenant was not on Sky Marbett's list of things to do. When Sky's mother and father are murdered, she is taken into Project Freelancer. Sometimes it's a nice excuse for a home, but other times it's a battleground. ----- Follow the cast! Arizona/Zona - Grifs...

    Completed   Mature
  • All About Disney
    176K 14K 179

    Did you know that the voice of Yoda is the same voice as Miss Piggy? Or that it was originally meant for Joy and Fear to go on the journey into Riley's mind, instead of Joy and Sadness?! This book is a Disney fan's paradise! There will be movie facts, secrets, quotes, opinions, and more! °o° YAY Mickey! T...

  • Like Father, Like Daughter
    15K 1.5K 35

    Sophia finds out something that shakes her entire world, slowly starting to cause her to lose grasp of her sanity. Everything good must come to an end they say. What will happen when she finds out her father is the most world-renowned serial killer. Will she follow in his footsteps or blaze a new trail for the family...

  • Maybe Someday in Somewhere New --- on hold ---
    50 7 3

    Meet Harriet Lucy Adams, a simple girl with big dreams. She wanted to move to France to study, but she wanted her best friend to come with her. Meet Dylan Bradley Nordingham, a boy with small dreams. He liked his best friend, Lucy, but she was too dense to notice it. What will happen if they have different intentions...

  • Doctor Who: The Evangelion Error (Book One)
    228K 7.3K 74

    Stranded on a parallel Earth, the Tenth Doctor finds himself mentoring a traumatized child soldier enlisted in a hopeless war to save humanity. With an endless number of mysteries in sight -- from the enigmatic alien invaders they call Angels, to the strange machines known as Evangelions used in the planet's defense...

  • The Story Behind Us
    5.3K 189 40

    (2018 edit- All of this is terrible. I only keep this up to show myself how much I developed as a writer. If you happen to know me IRL and stumble across this, I'm begging you not to read it. Everyone else read at your own risk lol) Welcome to the story of three people who couldn't be more different- Charles Chair (an...

  • Question Of The Day
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    Just read the title. The questions will be awesome random and crazy.

  • Random Stuff
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    Title. That's it.

  • Q&A
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    You guys get to ask me questions! YAY! So have fun!