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  • His Girls |G.D|
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    @dolan_supporter and @dolantwinlover1626 ************************************************************** Grayson Dolan was an evil man. He could never be pleased for anything, especially love. Not one partner he ever had could keep up with his sexual advances and needs, it made him extremely mad. He decided to take in...

  • Disabled |E.D|
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    I'm human too. **************** Audrey Miller was disabled, mentally and physically. She had to be pushed around in a wheelchair all day, she was always dependent on someone else. She wasn't very popular, she didn't want to be, she hated having attention on her. She had one friend, Rachel. Audrey trusted Rachel to be...

  • She's The Bully |G.D|
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    Grayson Dolan, a shy, quiet, insecure school boy. He didn't have many friends, or any at all. His only friend was his twin brother, Ethan. Ethan was the rock that kept Grayson together, but Ethan was killed in a car accident. Ever since, Grayson was never the same. His grades started to slip, he became very depressed...

  • His Surfer Babe |E.D|
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    Tyler Monroe was a surfer girl, she spent each and every day on the waves. She even gives classes to new surfers, with her living in California she never had a problem with it. Ethan Dolan was new to the waves and the west coast, he wanted a new hobby since he just moved to California. He decided to take up surfing in...

  • Dolan Twin Imagines & Preferences
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    You guys want em, here ya go :) Requests are closed for now!

  • Our Journey Together |G.D|
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    "Blaire," "Yeah?" "I love you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blaire Connors was the baddest of them all, she had 3 tattoos, drove a motorcycle, lived on her own, all at 17. She was known around for everything, and no one ever tried to mess with her. Grayson Dolan was a bad boy, also 17. He was the kid they all feared, all exc...