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  • Tides
    51.8K 2.7K 20

    " He always told me if I ever came into the hand of pirates I'd be beaten to a bloody pulp, locked up and raped before being sold to the highest bidder." Sighing I rolled over, clutching the blankets to me. "But you are a lot nice than he ever was." Praxis didn't seem to know what to say to that, I guess it was a pret...

  • Fear || klance
    280K 13.1K 18

    Everyone thought he was afraid of nothing. That was until Shiro found him shaking and in tears after a fear simulator.

  • The Clockwork Conspiracy: A Steampunk Fairytale
    12.7K 798 7

    A hidden tower. A trapped servant. An evil enchantress. Sound familiar? In a bygone world of steam and airships, Alek builds singing automatons for the villainous Lady Elise, hoping that one day he can buy his freedom. Everything changes when a healer's apprentice happens upon the tower. With Felix's help, Alek learns...

  • Reign of Gears: A Clockmaker Mystery (Book One)
    6.6K 147 2

    Axel's day goes from terrible to strange when he is hired by the highly intelligent, but eccentric Detective Conan Hutchingson. Before Axel can adjust to his new life, he is thrown into the middle of a complicated mystery. There is a new threat that has been growing underneath the shining streets of London. A villain...

    57.9K 3.3K 76

    An intimate fantasy tale, told in the stylings of an epic Asian drama, inspired by sweeping Chinese tragic story-telling, and dressed in a fictional fusion of Far Eastern mysticism and elements of steam culture. Turn the silk veil on a world forbidden from common eyes where children sail airships across the sk...

  • Being Awake (Klance) [Voltron WA 2017]
    210K 10.3K 10

    The Paladins of Voltron are joined by Princess Allura on a mission to retrieve an artifact on a planet that reminds the Paladins of Earth. The planet is full of traps, the biggest one being that the water, if touched, would put you into a sleep-like trance and give you vivid dreams of your truest desires. But Keith d...

  • Those Darn Sexy Kidnappers
    7.6M 306K 49

    OOOOH SNAP! Cassie Claire was in for quite the pickle. She and her bevy of BFFs decide to go to the store one morning, but little did she know that she was about to meet one sexy, sexy man. Like in a romance movie, they locked eyes, and the whole world came to a screeching halt. What happened next wasn't as similar t...

    175K 2K 15

    If you need any story titles you can take mine!! Message me and tell me you're using it so I can read it:)

  • Awesome Story Titles / Starters :D
    614K 2.4K 10

    Need a AWESOME story title? Check This Out:D