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  • I have nothing
    41.6K 1.1K 50

    When soldier, Jane Rizzoli, is discharged from her first deployment after her friend and commanding officer, Bradyn Isles is killed, she feels alone. Life would seem to be boring and traumatic...but that was before she met Bradyn's older sister, Doctor Maura Isles. They fall in love, but will they admit these feelings...

  • Broken Friends
    117K 3K 77

    Under construction // Re-write // So don't bother chapter numbers change etc. read Imp. A/N for more info. What happens if Jane, a detective at the Boston Police Department discovers she has feeling for the Chief Medical Examinor Maura Isles which she has been friends with for years already. I dont own any of these ch...

    Completed   Mature
  • Learning To Trust(Under Construction)
    3.3K 157 10

    A sequel to who can I trust. six months later and Jane and Maura are still working on their trust issues and planning a wedding.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rizzoli and Isles
    136K 3.5K 55

    R&I fanfic. Rizzles fanfic.

  • Crepuscular
    24.2K 774 39

    AU: Jane Rizzoli 17 moves to Forks with her father Frank. The town itself is mysterious but what happens when she meets a certain someone name Maura Isles and falls for her. will Maura be what she appears? will Jane change her mind if she isn't? Twilight meets Rizzles enjoy! (has scenes from it but ill throw my own...

  • Rizzles
    120K 2.5K 51

    This story takes place in season one around ep 5 with the Fairfield case I wanted to change Jane's reaction to Maura not having her back, back at the Fairfield's home it will be Rizzles just bear with me I needed to take this little drabble out (has explicit scenes for those who don't like to read those kinds of stori...

  • Relationships and Secrets
    32.8K 889 105

    Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are both 17 and in their 2nd semester of their senior year. They went into foster care at 7, after they were in a plane crash going on a summer vacation & watched their parents die. They got emancipated at 16. They own their own home. They worked so hard in school, that they skipped 10th g...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secrets & Surprises: Exposed, Accepted & Acted Upon
    37.2K 976 110

    Sergeant Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr.Maura Isles are best friends. Jane works for both the Special Victims Unit and the Homicide Unit. She splits her week working for both units. Maura is still the Chief Medical Examiner and Jane works with her. Jane has a few secrets that only her family knows because she's afraid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Can we make this work ✔️
    7.1K 137 35

    Rizzles Fanfic Jane and Maura have a lot to deal with, will their relationship survive. Don't know what to write to not give this away. Had this in the works for awhile and thought I should post it. Some things might not be accurate but I try.

    Completed   Mature
  • The 100: Clexa's Story
    196 5 4

    What would have happened if Lexa decided to walk in Clarke's room sooner? Read to find out.

  • Little Bit Of Lovin'
    47 2 2

    I had this dream a couple of days ago that I was best friends with Beca, Chloe, Aubrey, and the rest of The Bellas. They went to my school and everything. Well, now I'm here to tell it in book form with a lot of improvisations. Thanks for all your support!

  • LuckyFriYAY Bechloe Bucket list
    155 8 2

    Chloe tries to get Beca to notice her after moving into their apartment in L.A. and this is how she succeeds.

  • 50 Shades of Grey is Pitch Perfect
    329 11 6

    What happens when a newborn boy and a 16 year old girl are put into a family by someone in the government? Meet Beth Rosa Lincoln and Adam. A lady from the government takes Beth and Adam and puts them with Christian and Anastasia Grey as a fake family to fool Christian's boss. In order for this to work, Beth's name is...

  • How I Met Beca
    22.3K 662 12

    A bechloe fanfic somewhat based on the show "How I Met Your Mother", but with a much happier ending.

  • Pitch Perfect Meets Underworld
    314 24 5

    What happens when The Bellas go to Budapest, Hungary for a summer vacation? Starts the day after Aubrey graduates and everyone is talking in the rehearsal hall. Set in the events of Underworld. Read to find out.

  • Wait For It
    267 25 1

    You can't wait for something that would never come. Chloe learnt that the hard way.

  • Exposed
    518 13 1

    Chloe confronts Beca on her feelings for the Kommissar, but things take a rather unexpected turn...

  • Pitch Perfect 2: Beca's Worst and Best Year
    467 19 3

    What would happen if the night Beca first went to intern at Residual Heat, she was in an accident on the way home? What happens when Chloe gets the call from the hospital just as she, The Bellas, and Emily having just joined arrive at the party? Read to find out.

  • The Way To The Top: A Jeca/Pitch Perfect Fanfic (Collab with iamsport657)
    450 14 12

    It's been five years since the Bellas graduated college, but they're still as fierce as ever. They're about to start their third world tour in about two months. They have 4 hit albums out with a mix of covers and originals. Things couldn't be better for the Bellas as they sing their way to the top.

  • Killing Clarke
    34.3K 900 17

    Ice nation wants Clarke or else....

  • Drag Me To The Grave (Bechloe)
    51.2K 1.2K 27

    "I, Rebecca Jade Mitchell am in love with Chloe Rose Beale," there. I said it. I admitted my love for Chloe to a face. Not her face, not Aubreys face, but my face. In the mirror. She is my everything, she brings me joy and happiness. When I have a bad day, I think about her and soon I find myself smiling. But it hurt...

  • Tell the World That We Finally Got It All Right
    54.8K 2.4K 59

    *COMPLETE* Based off of Lily's quote about a time machine in Pitch Perfect 2. A little mix up causes a whole lot of trouble for the Bellas! Especially for Beca and Chloe. Au after the first 2 movies. Bechloe all the way. I do not own Pitch Perfect and any song lyrics included are credited to their respective artists.

    Completed   Mature
  • The sign
    5K 297 17

    A story of bechloe and Aubrey, takes place during pitch perfect 1, and this is my first fan fiction and I'm really obsessed with bechloe/sendrick but please read and tell me what you think! :) thanks for reading! Back ground stories are made up for own drama! TRIGGER WARNING I DO NOT OWN PITCH PERFECT OR THE CHARACTERS

  • Who Run the World? Girls.
    8.4K 199 23

    While Beca is beginning to find her feet as a hot-shot music producer, Chloe must step into the rest of her life with nothing but a degree in Russian Literature and a passion for music. Meanwhile, Jesse moves to Los Angeles in the hope of pursuing his career as a movie composer, but will his relationship with Beca wit...

  • Pregnancy Blues
    544 24 2

    Beca finds a rather surprising fact out about herself and doesn't quite know how to break it to her girlfriend.

  • Chloe's Secret
    74.4K 2.3K 17

    Chloe has a secret that nobody knows, until now.

  • Soulmates: A Bechloe Story
    847 24 4

    What would happen if Beca had a child in high school and brought her to college? What if there were special tattoos that everyone got at the age of fifteen that appeared on their birthday? And what if that tattoo let u know who your soulmate was by glowing brightly when near that soulmate? Read to find out.

  • Drawing
    211 14 1

  • So lemme teach ya
    123 4 1

    Chloe wants Beca to teach her cups until Beca gets handsy.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Wasn't Expecting That
    232 9 1

    This is a Bechloe songfic to 'I Wasn't Expecting That' by Jamie Lawson. It's my first songfic. I do not own Pitch Perfect, or the song in this fanfiction.