ItsMeDenise's Reading List

  • Her Dying wish Justin Bieber Love story
    80.1K 500

    Pattie has been faced with the harsh reality of cancer ,Hailey come's to visit Pattie as much as she can,Pattie felt as if her time was nearing and she had one...

  • I Promise You.
    5.8K 97

    Justin Bieber gets signed by Scooter Braun and moves to Atlanta to persue his dreams as a pop star. He promises Dani that he will want for her but what happend...

  • I Want To Fall Madly In Love With You.
    6.3K 79

    Justin and Haley have been friends since they were 4. Haleys parents die in a car wreck and Pattie keeps her. As Justin and Haley grow older, feelings grow too...

  • Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong?
    218K 1.4K

    What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feelings for his best frie...

  • Late Summer Rain
    5.2M 88.8K

    It was pity that first made Dannie speak to him. She had known Ryan since she was a kid, but he had always been the popular Golden Boy, and she had always been...

  • The Perfect Mismatch (Completed)
    107K 1.6K

    Alison might not want to move across the globe but she is relieved that no American boys would take notice of her. Or so she thought. Starting afresh at Cornwa...

  • Me and My Idol
    • Dally7
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    3.9K 71

    Alice has gone through complete mental development at a small age. Her father's mental incapabelity to take care of her was only the start to lonly life. Her c...

  • Teenage Desires
    87.5K 677

    Ava Hayes is a normal teenage girl. Her life is pretty boring, she's stuck in the same routine everyday. She soon finds herself wanting to escape that. Then sh...

  • Disguise
    703K 10.1K

    'Once upon a time.' 'And they lived happily ever after.' Fairy tales. Princess stories. The tales your dad tells you as he tucks you into bed when you are jus...

  • Eighteen Ain't So Sweet
    123K 2.6K

    18 year old Ashley parties all the time and is destructive towards herself and others, she sucks at relationships so she just doesnt have them. What happens wh...

    Completed   Mature