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  • Why?... (Book 2) (EXO fan fiction)
    92.6K 4K 48

    The war ended and peace was made between Wolves and Vampires. Everything was back to normal and everything was perfect. However, Kai has to go back to earth to sign some contract that SM keeps telling him to sign. He said it will only take a day but he never came back even after a month had past. Soojung, being the gi...

  • ~The Royal Wolf~ EXO
    291K 10.9K 54

    A girl named Yoo Se Mi that is 16 years old. she grew inside an orphanage then when she was 12. she left the orphanage and lived alone. she doesn't know where her parents are yet someone will tell her. When she met her mother, she pushed Yoo Se Mi to marry a royal wolf that she doesn't love. Because she only loves the...

    1.6M 37.2K 78

    What if there was a school for the magicals, in Korea? Park Sarang is suddenly transferring to Park Chan Jae High School, the most famous and rich high school of ALL TIME. But Park Chan Jae High isn't your normal all-rich-kids high school. What if it was more than that? What if it was a school for those wh...

  • Miracles [EXO FANFIC] {HIATUS}
    784K 17.4K 83

    🛠Editing🛠 Park Han Ni is a girl who has everything right from the day of her birth. She had lost her parents at such a young age in a tragic traffic accident and was taken care of and lived with her closest uncle until she turned the age of 18. Her life took an eventful turn starting from when she had moved to Seoul...