• The Casanova Knight [Season1&2] w/ Special Chapters
    2.1M 20.4K

    Full of Chemistry! A story inspired from the PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS. SPECIAL Video Greeting of Sam Lee (Nickel Iron Corpuz of The Casanova Knight) ♥ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=606218799395348 PERIODIC TABLE OF CASANOVAS: It all starts here.

  • Operation Break the Casanova's Heart (Published Book)
    24.8M 234K

    Operation Break the Casanova's Heart 10 Steps to Success: Step 1. Make him notice you. Step 2. Differentiate yourself from other girls. Step 3. Get an invite to a date. Step 4. Make said date memorable. Step 5. Make him take you seriously. Step 6. Ensure that he’s dating you exclusively. Step 7. Snag an invite to...

  • Public vs. Private
    • hannalove
    • 90 Parts
    • Updated Nov 24, 2014 05:06PM
    35M 255K

    original draft/unedited(you've been warned hahah:) (Book one and two are now available in bookstores^__^) Pacific Academy's Mr. Perfect meets Batangas National High School's Ms. Perfect. . . pero panu un? diba same charges repel?!

  • Bridal Shower (Published Under POP FICTION)
    12.7M 134K

    Is Love really sweeter the second time around?