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  • Purple Forbidden Enclosure (UNDER EDITING)
    7.6K 1.2K 94

    This is a story about diversity. A story about love breaking through barriers. Difference is scary. Normality is "always" the best choice. In order to fit in, everyone has to be normal. Freedom of being the one you desire to be... bears the meaning of ostracism. Sato is cast aside. At school, everywhere her passion...

  • Indigo Connection [Cellphone Novel]
    517 54 29

    They say the red string of fate is for lovers. I believe in an indigo thread instead. Why? It is the color of forget-me-nots, a symbol of true love in the language of flowers. But is there such a thing in a long distance relationship? 「Two POVs」 「Semi-autobiographical」 「Updated Cover by the lovely Elliecue!」

  • 2D World, 3D Love
    4.4K 791 31

    He's a game maker and she's a game critic. She went off the scene when he starts to make a name in the gaming industry. He wonders. She hides. And fate created a game for them... A game of love. Meet Rica Guevarra. A filipina otome game addict and a die-hard fan of KuroKami's games. She believes that 2D boys are bette...

  • hint - cell phone novel
    968 261 22

    Nanako's stories almost always center around a student that is in middle school, yet touch on serious issues... Yet have complicated plots. Nanako posts their stories online and has only published one of them. Nanako's only published book became popular due to their unique writing style and the author flap. The autho...

  • The Sunflower in Winter [CPN]
    776 140 30

    [CPN][Romance][School] He was a nobody. Hated by all. She was a somebody. Loved by all. And yet she yearns to understand him. Like Winter, so cold and bitter. Like a sunflower, so bright and cheerful. Will she stand out among the bitter snow and melt his frozen heart? Or will he cast her away like he did with the othe...

  • Memory Line (CPN 2012) complete
    135 6 24

    I learned that memories will always be part of you, they make you the person, who you are now and who you were in the past. Without memories, you would be a simple doll, not human - it was Haru, who taught me the difference of robots and living humans. Just as he taught me how to treasure an unwanted, unplanned life. ...

  • Chizuru 千鶴
    3.5K 464 12

    For Chizuru, life in Kushiro is all that she ever wanted; far from the blaring noise of the city, simple, and even with the absence of her father, everything seems perfect as long as she is with her mom. But when she found out about her mom's illness and that they needed to go to Tokyo to examine her, Chizuru realiz...

  • Dream Puzzle (Cellphone Novel) [HIATUS]
    2.9K 275 49

    "We all dream while we sleep. And often times, we forget about them when we wake up. I used to also. But now, I just don't seem to ever forget my dreams. I don't know why." Kia Wells is a soon-to-be first year college student. But when she learns something about her visions in her sleep, her perception of the world ar...

  • Marina
    24.2K 2.7K 125

    After a new coworker named Akiyama joins his department, a programmer in Japan learns that the other man loves anime. Intending to spite Akiyama, he watches the anime his coworker recommended. A show of no genre, with no names attached, and no description: Marina. [A story about life, love, fiction, and fear.]

  • Disconnect...Reality
    434 50 7

    "I've been seeing...weird dreams lately." A fragmented tale. "Meeting with strangers I had never met before..." An unexplored world. "Coming across places I had never visited before..." The memories beyond. "Is any of this...real?" A cell phone novel. Updates will be sporadic. All votes and comments are truly apprecia...

  • Words
    2.7K 577 32

    Paper, pencil, words. Words, with which he seals his sanity. The world is different in the eyes of Minami Seiji.

  • 「Halcyon Days」(Cell Phone Novel)
    3.8K 750 42

    The beautiful, cheerful, peaceful days are Hidden-giving us the conclusion That it is yet not Our Halcyon Days. -

  • Intro to Cell Phone Novel Network
    9K 508 15

    Your one stop location on Wattpad for everything about our Cell Phone Novel Network account, our programming, and cell phone novels 「ケータイ小説」 from Japan: what they are, where they come from, how to write one in English, who else is writing one, samples and excerpts and more!

  • Dark Matter (ON HIATUS)
    4K 475 27

    As the town of Silverworth is sinking into the core of chaos and destruction brought by a mysterious kind of demoniac creatures, Zaine W. Faustus is gaining the mountainous destination. Little did he know about the invasion started one week before and soon he confronts several types of wicked monsters and his struggle...

  • 私たちが実行できるようにする | | cell phone novel
    206 16 3

    | | This is a cell phone novel. | | A cold girl has been left along all her life. But when a boy saves her. She learns more to life than being cold.