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  • The Girl Who Pretended To Have Cancer
    32.9K 730 9

    Attention. That’s all Astrid Reilly cares about. Attention. She loves it; she craves it; it’s her very own drug. And it’s not hard to see that Astrid is addicted. She has the prefect boyfriend, the most loyal of friends and the popularity that most kids only dream of, all thanks to sweet, sweet, attention. For Ast...

  • Exiled - Book 1 in the Immortal Essence Series
    2.3M 7.2K 56

    Purchase the entire series on Amazon! WORLDS DIVIDED THEM. DESTINY BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER. ONLY LOVE WILL SAVE THEM. It was as though he'd struck a match. Zaren placed a hand under her arm and moved his lips, gently grazing his teeth against her skin. Slowly, he moved up her inner arm until he reached the crease at h...