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  • The Legacy - The Legacy Saga
    1.7M 14.9K 30

    North Carolina native, Cisely Matthews has seen and suffered much in her twenty-two years of life, and she has the scars to prove it. When amazing blessings come to her, she wonders if she will ever feel worthy enough to deserve them. Australian-born Ingo Kelly is thrown for an emotional loop when he visits his aunt i...

  • The Rented Husband (Southern Nights Series)
    19.3M 189K 39

    Olivia Murray, a 29 year old successful attorney has had enough with her families intrusion on her personal love life. Mother, father and siblings included have all gone above and beyond the call of duty to try and get her hitched to a man. Just how far is Olivia willing to go to stop the incessant meddling? Will...

  • He Saved Me
    11M 134K 48

    Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brutally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never forget the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he save her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the nig...

  • The Replacement Girlfriend
    25.9M 255K 68

    Chase Evans may be a notorious playboy, but he’s always known he’d fall hopelessly in love one day. So when he meets Spanish beauty LaCienega [Lah-cie-Ena-ga] Perez and falls head over, he knows for sure she’s what he’s always been waiting for. Except LaCienega is already engaged by the time he meets her and to none...

  • All the Wrong Reasons
    8.3M 128K 52

    They married for the wrong reasons. He married her for the money and status, while she married him to start over again. It doesn’t really matter why exactly they married, but what happens when he starts to feel something towards his own wife. And what happens when the trouble she left behind catches up with her?

  • The Survivors
    6.1M 33.1K 46

    "It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch trials gripped the community of Salem, Massachusetts, twenty-six children were accused as witches, exiled, and left for dead. Fourteen of them survived. The Surv...

  • An Arranged Funeral for Two Jerks
    454K 5.4K 16

    **Third Book in the"Arranged Marriage to a Jerk" series** Allison Danielson finally has her life under control. She has friends she can trust, two beautiful children, and a loving husband. She's become a full-time partner at a vet clinic and Connor is nearly ready to take over the family business. But then Allison get...

  • Lord Beast
    262K 2.2K 3

    An adaptation to the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", Rhys Ashcroft is vain and arrogant until a near-fatal accident brutally maims his features. Presumed dead, Rhys resides alone in Falmouth Castle, away from society which was just the way he preferred. Enter Danielle Carmichael: a curious country miss who is drawn...

  • Roots
    1.5M 16.7K 34

    In the summer of 1918 a tragedy echoed across the world when the Russian Imperial Romanov family was murdered by communists leaving much of the country crying out in mourning. Yet, there was a myth that one daughter, the youngest daughter; the Grand Duchess Anastasia had escaped. Though many disbelieved, for some thi...

  • Stories From 2011 (Dear Players, What's Mine, Queen Bee)
    1.1M 8.9K 98

    Dear Players I Can Play The Game Better With her parents off on a two year trip Chloe finds herself reunited with her older brother. Now not only does Chloe have to face the drama of a new town, school, and home she also has to face the drama of THREE COCKY PLAYERS who, by the way, have all just made a bet to play Ch...

  • From Protector To Lady
    791K 23.4K 45

    Rebecca Morin, protector of her close cousin Jahnai Rutherford gets a surprise when she is summoned to the Palace of Ethelid to become a lady in waiting to the princess. Having grown up wielding swords, bows, and daggers all of her life, becoming a lady is a task that is far out of her comfort zone. To make things eve...

  • Playing The Field
    4.5M 50.3K 35

    "I won't hurt you. Not anymore." I breathed against her bare neck, against her ear. "So please, don't run away from me anymore." Jason Brown is Raven High Secondary School’s number one player, with his devil-may-care attitude, gorgeous looks and a beautiful, popular, and not to forget sexy girlfriend by his side. Sa...

  • Their Paid Girl
    25.2M 339K 47

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to send to their parents... Shawna's pretty much seen it all. But no matter what they pay her for, everything she does has one common factor: it's all fake...

  • Love Untold
    5.7M 96.8K 45

    For Chrissie Hill, turning thirty is enough of a nightmare. But to hit the big 30...and wake up married? To a man she'd never met or seen before that morning when she finds him on her couch. Race insists they have been married for two years...and he has the proof, but can she make herself believe him? Suffering from...

  • Old Flames
    2.7M 23.1K 34

    Lainie Moon and Aaron Dozier have a history, a present, and a possible future. This story was the creation of many helpful suggestions by readers at the time of the writing. Thank you, everyone, who helped out!

  • An Evil Shadow - A Val Bosanquet Mystery
    245K 538 1

    The first book in a series of crime thrillers. Val Bosanquet, a former New Orleans detective, is offered a job as Chief of a campus PD. A Haitian child killer he helped convict for the murder of her mother has just been enrolled at the university. Val stumbles across new evidence. Corporate corruption and Voodoo make...

  • The Spy Who Fell At My Doorstep...Could It Be Love?
    24.4K 236 8

    One Man… night….has the ability to corrupt Agent Alessandra Vetra’s life completely…she ends up finding him on her driveway…bloody and bruised….she took him in, and he changed her life completely…little did they both know that either were spies….so imagine the shock when they are put together on a mission….will t...

  • Rubbish Bin
    11.9K 252 12

  • Green Eyes, White Lies
    52K 447 16

    Jenn is a 26 yr. old living a dream; she has the perfect job, a cute apartment, and a movie star boyfriend. If only she was happy and would stop having dreams of a little girl with her hair and her best friend's eyes. So what happens when she travels back home for her sister's wedding?

  • The Boss That Loved Me
    495K 6.3K 48

    Lee has been in love with her boss Christian from the moment she saw in him in that tight grey suit. After five years of living on her own after a... misunderstanding with her family, Lee starts to think for herself and her own happiness for a charge. Yet not all is fair in love, when Lee finds out that not only is Ch...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's Just A Player
    8.2K 90 5

    When the life of two people who are meant to be together collide, can they figure out a way to put together the pieces and not fall on the slippery ice?

  • Necromance
    60.7K 1.3K 12

    "If someone murdered the love of my life, you could bet your ass I wouldn’t rest till I had their head. So, I didn’t expect my brother to make an exception for me." -Brigitte Dubois, Ex-Preternatural Assassin. Reader Discretion Advised: For mature readers age 16+, as there is strong language, some violence and sugges...

  • Bring The Heart To Earth
    41.3K 206 1

    One day after her wedding, Margaret Thornton flees Milton and her husband. She regrets her hasty actions, but a series of mishaps and misunderstandings manage to keep the couple apart for seven years. When John Thornton decides to attend Mary Higgins' wedding and meets with Margaret once more, sparks fly and secrets a...

  • Collection of Older Works
    2.9M 26.8K 60

    This is a collection of some old first drafts. I wrote them a while ago, and they are unedited. Contains: Flashbacks of a Fool (Historical Romance) Faethfully Yours: Awakening (Fantasy) I hope you enjoy them!

  • What He doesn't Know
    753K 7.7K 26

    Dana McAllister has given herself over to prostitution as a means of getting out of her desperate situation. When she meets the young multi-millionaire, Richard Hanistan, he turns her life completely around but now she must keep him from finding out her dark past and her dirty little secret .

  • Trusting Logan
    3.4M 23.5K 32

    At fifteen Amber Thorn has spent her entire life following the rules. Logan Clifton believes in having a good time. Can two people who are completely different be perfect together? More importantly can Amber trust Logan with her most guarded treasure, her heart? A story about love, family secrets and finding the br...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enjoying the Chase (SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHING SPRING 2014)
    6.3M 51.1K 38

    **** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY NOW. ENJOYING THE CHASE IS BEING PUBLISHED SPRING 2014 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD**** Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is until...

  • A Heart for Milton
    1.3M 7.6K 24

    When Margaret hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist's marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let him know? Set in Victorian England, this story is based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell and the BBC miniseries...

  • Mr. Player, You've Just Been Played
    6.4M 70.4K 38

    While trying to get through high school, Carson has always noticed the same routine with Jesse - the school's 'player', as some like to say. He would leave countless girls crying, and he'd find someone else soon after. But when that someone else is Carson herself, she promises that she won't be the one crying when it'...

  • Sally: Autumn Storms (F&L Story #4)
    1.5M 25.9K 41

    Sally Sanborn, who insists she can do almost anything a man can do, stamps down her pride and advertises for full-time help on her chicken farm. Up shows Wilson..."Just Wilson, ma'am." He's a denim-wearing, sexiest butt to wear a pair of jeans, perfect man for the job. But he also comes with a past -- a complicated...