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  • A Love to Kill- rough draft-FINAL VERSION ON AMAZON
    73.1K 987 21

    Rodger is a murderer who delights in seeing the beauty of death befall his victims, the way their blood splatters across the pavement. However, one fateful day he is met with an email from a girl named Dawn, who asks him to kill her, though refuses to betray her reason. Rodger, for once in this life, struggles to slip...

  • Twisting You
    12.7M 146K 40

    Just because someone is meant to be right for you doesn’t mean they are. Just because he loves you, doesn’t mean he needs you. Perhaps that is where Chloe and Xavier’s story starts. With Xavier knowing that while he may love Chloe, he doesn’t need her and that is where Chloe’s heart breaking tale begins. A story that...

  • From Nerd to Jerk
    3.2M 81.2K 40

    Brooke and Zac have been best friends since preschool. During senior year Brooke decides to transform the nerdy Zac into a super hot guy, so he would stop being bullied in school. What are friends for? Sadly, that backfires and Zac ditches Brooke for a more popular clique and starts to date the school's most popular g...

  • White Lies
    9.6M 107K 46

    "I hate being bipolar. It's fantastic." Jessabel Griffin is a liar - plain and simple. On the first day of high school, she lied about being an albino. At the age of 6, she lied about having an astronaut father. And when her best friend - her only friend - mysteriously disappeared, she lied about that too. Suddenly, w...

  • Bad Girl VS. The Player
    11M 111K 27

  • Illegal My Ass
    26M 559K 52

    Mia Hastings was never one to follow the rules. Her brother knew it, her best friend knew it. Everyone knew it. She lives for the moment, doing whatever she feels and thinking of the consequences later. Her main goal in life is to live it. Mia’s brother’s best friend Drake O’Connell was never big on rules. The jud...

    Completed   Mature
  • How To Turn A Good Girl Bad
    26.8M 418K 34

    Hailey is a good girl. She gets good grades, she never argues, and even she knows that she's a pushover. Her Sister Rebecca is the popular head cheerleader and every schools 'queen bee' it's hard to tell they're even related. Moving from place to place has become their life. When they start another new school Hailey d...

  • My Mate Rejected Me (Editing)
    1.2M 11.9K 51

    Cheyenne Klumker’s pen pal, Alpha Lucas, treats her like he would his own sister, and offered her a place in his pack. Her new life with Lucas and his family made her feel welcome and happy. That was something her old pack never showed her. There, in her former pack, they bullied her, made fun of her, called her names...

  • Perfectly Bad
    475K 11.2K 39

    “Jadelynn Genevieve Berkshire! That’s it! I’ve had it with you and your stints. I’m sending you to live with your father!” my mother had yelled. I had shrugged and said “Whatever.” I mean, how many times had she said that? No matter what I did, she never actually sent me to live with my father, until now. I guess usin...

  • 46 Problems Directioners Have
    171K 4.6K 1

    We made some of these up and we found some of these. No hate please. ♥