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  • Unamerica
    54 1 3

    A collection of poems

  • On the Run (A Robin Hood FanFic)
    14.8K 508 13

    Jay Woods is no ordinary sixteen year old girl. In fact she's as far from ordinary as possible. You see Jay is a master thief who runs a group of women who steals from the rich and gives to the poor... Sound familiar? Well Robin Hood thinks so too which is why he decides to come check out Jay's group seeing as he and...

  • Book of Randomness
    1.7K 303 102

    Just read the title. It's not that hard.

  • Gilan's Promise
    323 23 1

    What happens when Gilan meets a flute player? Will he make good on his promise? Read on to find out!

  • The Herobrine Quest
    12.5K 854 78

    Ten Minecrafters embark on a perilous journey to find the source of Herobrine's power and destroy it for good. Along the way they will meet new friends. They will make new enemies. Heroes will rise and fall. Sometimes villains will prevail, but nothing will stop them from completing the Herobrine Quest. (This entire t...

  • ToxicArrow's Book O' Randomness!
    42.5K 3.2K 303

    Welcome to the black hole of my mind. This is the time were you may begin to question my sanity, or the lack there of. I strongly advise that you begin reading my everyday life with an open mind and perhaps some gummy worms.

  • Fighting the Darkness
    4.2K 362 9

    Under the rule of the almighty King Sky, sorcerers are hunted for sport. The very spilling of their magic corrupted blood brings wealth to the hunter whom had shed it with his sword. The sorcerer with the highest bounty? That would be Seto. He is young and cannot control his wild, powerful spells he unleashes. He cu...

  • CrystalBrine
    348 29 4

    Crystal gets sucked into Minecraft and meets a legend: Herobrine.

  • Wolfbrine and Herobrine (#Wattys2015)
    2.5K 257 18

    Created by some freak job scientist. Forced on the run by the same freak job scientist. Having to save the world from once again, the freak job SCI- Hero, give me the keyboard! Fine. But I think I narrating it just fine. My name is Wolfbrine. That dolt is Hero. Herobrine. That's right. We're real. And everything you'...

  • Midnight: You Haven't Seen The Evil Yet
    3.7K 247 63

    You've been a natural born Brine this whole time. There's a possibility that our family ties into Herobrine's actually." Midnight didn't say anything at first she couldn't handle it; normally she could handle anything, but not this time. Midnight let out a small cry and covered her eyes, now she knew the truth and the...