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  • Azul's Art Book!
    13.9K 1.9K 193

    Hello!~ Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Lexa. Just another artist on wattpad. In this book you will see drawings I do, and updates on my life. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do and I may make a second once I run out of chapters. Goodbye!

  • Star Middle School
    10.2K 286 20

    Hey Readers!! a new writer is in town!! I'm starting this new story based on The Mario video games!! also I would like to know what you think about it so far!! Description: How do you think Mario and the gang got through middles school? Read it and Find out!!! Epic Cliffhangers, Drama, Secrets Unleashed, Rumours, and...

  • Smash University
    21.5K 678 37

    I wrote this in grade school when I was a small baka child(And also before I changed my username)! That's why it sucks, continue, Smash University is a college that video game characters get enrolled to fight in. The students train everyday to get better and better. Suddenly everything goes wrong! It's up to our main...

  • Camp Tanooki
    13K 556 18

    21 young teens, all different from one another. 8 weeks, most definitely action-packed. 1 summer camp, which may not be as ordinary as one would think.

  • Mushroom High
    60.5K 1.9K 49

    Drama is inevitable, whether one is at the top of the social hierarchy or a victim of those who are. Friendships will be made and broken, people will fall in and out of love, and rivalries will begin and end. But, it's Mushroom High- no one should expect anything less. The freshman students have yet to realize that, a...