disastermaker's Reading List

  • An Unexpected Change
    628K 5.7K

    Teri a girl from England has 2 weeks to pack up her things because she is leaving to go and live in America. Little does she know her new neighbour Scott and l...

  • Figuring Out Mr.Bad Boy Player (The Compatibility Game)
    3.1K 38

    One wrong move. It makes Caprice's life out of orbit for life. She's paired with the bad boy player and is introduced into a whole new entire world. With the h...

  • The Female Bodyguard *Editing*
    74.8K 1K

    Sarah Michelle, a girl with a cold, ruthless heart. Tyler Welton, a rich boy, with a players heart, mind and body. He needs protection, she needs someone to...

  • This Delinquent Has A Secret...♥
    140K 1.7K

    When Mackenzie takes her annual trip to London, she is forced to work in a center for delinquent British boys... She is paired with the bad-boy delinquent of t...

  • My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3
    1.6M 17.5K

    Clarissa thought she knew her bestfriend very well. But Her bestfriend tally was hiding a secret from her. She has a hot delinquent brother who is a big pain...

  • Hey Mum.... Meet My Delinquent Boyfriend
    41K 415

    Kiki is an average teenager with a fairly average life she likes to live life on the safe side...a good girl... but things are about to get complicated. Kiki i...

  • Sweet Madness (Editing)
    9.3M 164K

    (2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting or thrilling about her. However, that was until she met...

  • The Sober Games
    24.5K 395

    Abused and neglected, unloved and un-nurtured by her mother. It's all Kinley has ever known, and Skyler has had enough. She's sick and tired of her mothers tor...

  • Just Fantastic
    34.7K 1.1K

    Dustin Maloney finally turned seventeen. The girl that was ridiculed and outcasted all her life has grown to become a beautiful young woman and her life was fi...

    16.5K 207

    "My biggest mistake is falling in love with you... sorry" she whispered. her breath hitched" I'll...I'll leave if that will makes you feel better. And I pro...