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  • Swindlebird | ✓
    165K 5.6K 12

    {Formerly Featured/Watty 2016 Debut Winner} She had inherited her mother's wilder nature, earning her consistent expulsions from almost every magic school in the entire Astrian country side. Her father, a once famous, but currently ill-respected wizarding professor, had grown used to raising his daughter on h...

  • THORN | A Paranormal Romance
    1.2M 102K 59

    "Do you believe in magic?" --- Every century Jack must deliver a sleeping curse to college student, Rose. But he thinks he's falling in love with her. --- A PARANORMAL ROMANCE made of STAR-CROSSED LOVERS and FAIRYTALE MAGIC from the Watty award winning author of CUPID'S MATCH, INK, and THAWING WINTER. --- A...

  • Trapped ✔️
    5M 178K 40

    They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of self-harm and...

  • Kidnappers Have A Hard Time Letting Their Victims Go (#2) ✅
    3.5M 159K 91

    | accomplishment: #6 on Romance <3 | *COMPLETED* can be read as a standalone (I thought it couldn't but then I was like...ehh I'm pretty sure it could) so...yea.... ***WARNING*** THE SUMMARY IS CHILDISH. THE BOOK IS NOT ACTUALLY WRITTEN IN THIS STYLE XD Jessica Monics is preggo. And thanks to the drug that was inj...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Royalty
    2.5M 111K 40

    |COMPLETED | HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN HISTORICAL FICTION| Her presence was once one that enamoured the masses. A beautiful young princess whose destiny seemed to be set in a life of royal balls and princes. But her abrupt absence filled the hearts of so many with anguish and sorrow. On her seventh birthday, Princess Eliz...

  • Blood and Chocolate
    992K 43.7K 34

    Leila's life was turned upside down the moment her parents were killed. She lets her rebel side out and she becomes impossible to control. Her own wolf can't even control her. All Leila has ever wanted is to be human and she has been able to resist her wolf for some time now. She is living the life every teenage wishe...

  • Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]
    1.9M 114K 60

    Penny was living a normal life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she finds herself in the center of the survival of a species. Death marks not the end but the beginning of a twist no one saw coming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Werewolves cannot just b...

  • Lullaby (The Fable Series, Book 2)
    464K 26.6K 49

    Sixteen-year-old Ashling Shields has had her whole life turned upside down for the second time in two years. As a freshman she was the sole survivor of a harrowing disaster. Now, in the summer before junior year, her life is once again spiralling out of control. Hunted by a shadowy force and entangled in the affairs...

  • The Alpha's Mate
    157K 2.6K 18

    I hear the loud music playing and some guy is kissing me. I'm walking away for a drink when a sexy man comes by....

  • Roses for Rachel
    6.6M 317K 47

    I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for years, and then being auctioned off to the highest bidder. I thought maybe I had caught a little break when I found out that me and five other girls we...

  • Vampire King
    8.4M 286K 62

    In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel; living in the garden of hell. Tyler King- the most powerful vampire on earth, the King of all vampires. Shae Valentine, a simple quiet oblivious human girl and Tyler's after her to stake his claim. In everything he did, he always was surrounded by a darkness. He didn't...

  • Nixon
    2.8M 118K 93

    Never speak unless spoken to. Never look into his eyes. Never step out of line. Never speak his name. Never turn your back to him. And most of all...never talk about past Luna in front of him. Why? Because he killed his Luna, so the rumors say. <><> DISCLAIMER: This book contains mature content. Lan...

  • The Demon's Soul [Sample]
    9.8M 171K 15

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...

  • Betrothed to Jack Frost (NOW A PUBLISHED SERIES!)
    4.3M 32.5K 9

    Unbeknownst to nearly twenty-one-year-old Evangeline "Elle" Darrow, she's been betrothed to a monster since birth. Elle grew up believing myths and magic belonged in the land of make believe. Upon being kidnapped and forced to become engaged to the malevolent god known as Jack Frost, she discovers that former individ...

  • Devil for a husband (Editing)
    32.2M 1.2M 65

    Highest ranking| 1st in Romance on 23/05/18 "You can't force something like this upon me!" I firmly restated my point. This man was hard to figure out. He was oddly sarcastic and unemotional for a man who represented a company who advertised themselves as amicable. "You know; I'm not forcing you to do anything. Althou...

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    3.6M 219K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • The Devil's Son
    38K 597 19

    Katherine Summers is in deep trouble, her and her friends decide to have a party at an abandoned house down the block from her high school, but thats when things get tricky... Will Katherine be able to save the ones she loves or will they be eaten by the big cheese himself, the devil's son....

  • The Veiled Lass
    1.2M 1.6K 1

    To wear the veil meant life, to remove it meant death. To love is to be scorned, To scorn is to love.

  • Something Inside ✔️ (Published)
    33.2M 799K 45

    Ashton Miller was the richest, most powerful and sexiest man alive. Being a multimillionaire, he had everything he could have ever wanted; girls, cars, and so much money he didn't know what to do with. As the biggest playboy in New York, Ashton jumps from girl to girl breaking their hearts as he went along. He didn't...

  • Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅
    17.6M 566K 116

    ----- She was SUPPOSED to "dance" for the man. She was SUPPOSED to get seventeen thousand dollars. She was SUPPOSED to leave that club and shove the memory in the back of her mind. That was SUPPOSED to be the end of it. But things are not as simple as they are said to be and so Jessica Monics has found hers...

  • Forced To Buy A Vampire Slave
    9.3M 229K 68

    Arabelle's forced by her parents to get a vampire slave even though she detests having slaves. This is the adventures of having a vampire slave and falling in love with one. READ IT!!

  • The Bad Boy's Dancer
    7M 19.8K 5

    [THE REWRITTEN VERSION AS OF 2017] Flo is struggling to get over the death of her parents, seven months ago. Her life is turned upside, and she struggles to make sense of the world, having the most important people taken away from her. Dealing with stresses of school, friends and her grief, it all becomes too much for...

  • Born From Chaos
    5.3M 347K 147

    2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER || PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || COMPLETED || EDITING || In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers. Perfect opposites. Perfect enemies. One, a race that ripped the earth apart, giving life back to the rotten remnants beneath it-- raising whole undead armies. The other...

  • Counting Lambs- COMPLETED!
    10.5K 622 28

    In the future, vampire's run the world. Human men are sought to be worked until dead and female woman are sought to be mated with then turned into a vampire or killed. All humans are food and all vampires need them to satisfy the burning thirst. Savannah has no last name. She has no family and is picked to be part of...

  • Infatuated: Mafia Romance
    1.4M 46.6K 50

    Green eyes smoldering, he clenched his jaw and gave me a cocky stare. Short, black hair shone hazily in the club lights. Letting out a silent laugh, his hands raked through the shaved sides and ended in the longer strands that glistened with sweat towards the top. Taking a step away, I watched him; completely awestru...

  • Bad Boy Love
    31.5M 341K 45

    "I need you," he whispered from the passenger seat. Why would I trust a bad boy? But I felt, for some reason, that I needed him to. I turned to look at him, but he was already leaning in to kiss me. "I need you too," I said as my eyes fluttered closed. Why is love so complicated? Maya Reeds is a 17 year old, beaut...

  • Catching Genesis (Completed)
    27.4M 1M 62

    Warning: CG has been published. The last ten chapters of this book have been taken down due to copyright reasons. When the future Alpha, a major player rejected her for the Queen B, Genesis and her two best friends came up with a plan to give the arrogant future alpha the taste his own medicine. What happens when your...

  • Emily's Escape
    99.3K 2K 58

    (Completed) Emily is suffering from anorexia; she just won't admit it to herself or anyone else. She doesn't want nor need any help, according to herself. Carter sees her struggle. He wants to help her. Will Emily finally accept help? And will she accept the help from someone she would have never imagined? And what...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Gangleaders Little Rebel
    1M 25.5K 30

    Riley Stone is a 18 year old girl trying to rebuild her life after an incident acured in her life. She is a straight A student, works at a cafe, and is a secret street fighter. Her street fighting name is Rebel. Logan Steel a bad boy who has a family, girls falling to their feet, boys envy and hate him and he has his...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Vampire's Pet #1
    5M 155K 46

    Gwen's just waiting in disgust for the day she'll get bought by a vampire. The day she'll get a master of her own like all the other humans who have been sold. ~ The Pet Shop is founded and run by vampires, who take whoever person - human - they want from their homes to sell. Unfortunately Gwen was one of them at t...