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  • Korean - Phrases
    11.4K 220 1

    Hello my dear readers! This book is an informative book, which will be about the Korean phrases that I use in my fanficts. And no, this isn't a fanfict, but just a book to help you guys out when you're reading. I'm sure that many people do not know the meanings of some of the words, and I'm here to help! You can alwa...

  • Korean 한국어
    197K 3K 32

    Learn basic Korean in minutes! I'm not a native Korean speaker or an expert with this language. I published this book because most watty users are interested in Korean. These are some of the basics. If you've got any complain regarding this, please let me know. :-)

  • Winter Melody (Korean Drama SCRIPT)
    1.8K 5 1

    Choi Jae Ha is a leader of a band group that is soon to debut. But he is wrapped by a nightmare from the past that made him cold. His first love who was a pianist died on a cold winter night during her concert because of a loose chandelier that fell. Now his parents are worried of his career. They planned to arrange d...