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  • Titan Academy of Special Abilities
    32.1M 1.1M 52

    She is Shia Sheridan. Walang pangarap. Hindi alam ang gusto. Walang plano sa buhay. Pero dahil sa isang kasalanan na inako niya, napunta siya sa isang lugar na kanyang kinamumuhian. Ang Titan Academy of Special Abilities. Isang school para sa katulad niyang may special ability. Isang lugar para sa mga taong mararangya...

  • Class 4-C has a Secret - Ikaw na ang sususnod (#Wattys2017)
    958 87 22

    Huuwag! Huwag!" Sigaw ni Jelay habang siya ay hinahabol ng naka itim at nakamaskarang killer. Nang makarating ito sa terrace, wala na itong mapuntahan pa. Nakarating ito sa pinaka dulo ng terrace, at sinarado ng killer ang pinto. Inihanda nito ang kanyang kutsilyo at itinutok kay Jelay na sa ngayon ay nanlalaki na ang...

  • The Chronicles of Narnia and Terabithia
    823 37 5

    When English student - Edmund Pevensie transfers over to Lark Creek Elementary from England with his younger sister, Lucy, Leslie finds another companion, thus making Jess be the third wheel for the three of them. One stormy night, the two boys go to the creek to meet Leslie due to a promise, only to fall into the sw...

  • Ms.Perigee's Home for Magical Childrens
    662 113 18

    Mayroong isang lugar kung saan mga hindi pangkaraniwang mga bata ang nakatira. Isang lugar kung saan isang magaling na Head Mistress ang namamahala. Malalakas, magagaling, maabilidad at nakakamangha ang kanilang mga taglay na kakayahan at kapangyarihan. Sundan ang kwento ng mga magical childrens at sa kanilang pag suo...

  • Alam Mo Ba? (Facts And Trivias)
    862K 20.7K 116

    Highest achievement: Rank #1 in science fiction. Hey there everyone! I made this book to help any of you. I am also aiming to provide learning to anyone that is reading this. This book piles up facts and trivias about any random things. But the resources are not really mine because those are from the books I have re...

  • The Last Enchantress
    1M 31.7K 44

    Allisha Mickaelle Ricafort is just a typical normal girl. She's like any other girls who dreamed for a happy life. She's one of those people who want to have a happily- ever-after-story. But what if, she knew something that no one shouldn't know? The Last Enchantress of the Silveren tribe is here...... Credits to the...

  • Lessons I've Learned
    1.4K 39 18

    People say quotes are nothing more than stupid sayings nobody really follows. People hear things, but nobody listens. Listen.

  • The Bromance
    2.6K 19 1

    Ang pag-ibig alam natin na walang pinipili hindi po ba? Lugar, Tao, Panahon, at KASARIAN :) Dumadating yan ng hindi mo inaakala. Yung sabi mo na ''walang nagmamahal sakin''? di yan totoo!!

  • Killer Fangs Hidden Behind Inocence
    211 29 6

    Dont lost your way That's what all the Vampires say. Even a person that looks So Inocence, it has Always a secret A vampire hid behind Be carefull for what you do, Or the vampires will kill You ⊙←←←■☆☆☆■→→→⊙ Follow me on: FACEBOOK: Leonel F. Domingo TWITTER: @LeonelFdomingo1

  • Bride of Alvar (Redemption Book #1)
    6.6M 332K 49

    **COMPLETED** All her life Lucy has been told by her mother that she is promised in marriage to a king from another world. Determined to take control of her life, Lucy gets engaged to her very normal boyfriend. However, before she can make it down the aisle, a darkly handsome and mysterious King Alvar appears...

  • Love Notes
    1.2K 41 11

    This story is a variety of different things. Love notes (possibly obvious), one shots and stuff like that. Sometimes poems or maybe just silly little moments. Anything counts. XxX <3

  • He's a Monster
    2.7M 62.9K 51

    Chloe Janelle Rosette has always been in love with books. Sa sobrang pagmamahal niya sa libro, bumuo sila ng samahan kung saan nagsasama-sama silang mga bookworm upang magbasa, magsuggest sa isa't-isa at magreview ng mga librong nabasa na nila sa lumang garahe ng isa sa mga myembro nito. Sadly, dumating na sa puntong...

  • Tadhana ( A Short Story of Destiny )
    506 9 1

    Wag kang mag-aksaya ng panahon . Habang nandyan ang pagkakataon , gawin mo na ang dapat gawin . "

  • Bridge To Terabithia 2: The Last Time - Part 1 || ✓
    43.6K 698 26

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Chapters 1- middle of C3 are from an amazing writer named NotLostJustWandering from his fanfic of BTT 'Forevermore'. I just tweaked some parts and wrote the rest of the story on my own ideas. It's been 5 years since Leslie died. 17-year-old Jesse Aarons is now the most popular guy in...

  • Tetimonies About Ben Drowned
    62 48 12

    Do u believe that BEN DROWNED Exist? Let this Testimonies from Different people all over The Internet, makes you Believe. You've met with a terrible Faith,Haven't you? ⊙←←←■☆☆☆■→→→⊙ Follow me on: FACEBOOK: Leonel F. Domingo TWITTER: @LeonelFDomingo1

  • Face from the Past (COMPLETED)
    25.7K 934 34

    Yugi thought there's no way he can pay for what happened in the past but what happens when he meets this girl who doesn’t even fits his status but definitely looks like "his past?"

  • Storybrooke: The Hidden World
    373 72 8

    What will happen if a normal human girl accidentally entered that hidden world? A world where humans DON'T EXIST. A world where humans are not ALLOWED. A world that doesn't have exits. How could you escape? "Welcome to Storybrooke." -- Date started: July 2, 2016 Date ended: Language: English/Tagalog Fantasy. Mystery/T...

  • Journeys of Tainted Souls
    190 19 4

    Behold . . . the land of Relihio, the land of magic and religion. The land and planet of the damned. Arcane and Divine, these are the two main types of magic that continuously interrelated and clashes at the same time. Arcane magic is from the raw energies of the universe, Divine is from deep trust to the unseen. Can...

  • A Dream
    8.6K 3.6K 14

    "Everything happens for a reason"