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  • The Minotaur : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF
    196K 18.1K 21

    A Ripper is loose A Labyrinth is growing A WAR IS COMING... The beast had always liked a labyrinth ----- A Cupids Matchmaking Service Book. This is a Cupid's Match spin-off however it can be read as a stand alone. You do not need to read the other Cupids Matchmaking Service books to understand the story. Told from t...

    1.1M 88.2K 34

    The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... *** My dearest cupids, For too long we have adhered to the old ways, the traditions, the r u l e s. But no more. I implore, I INSIST of you... Join us. The time for being good is over. It is time to BE BAD. Yours Scandalously, S. Klaus CEO Santa Corp. ...

  • Cupid's Match Special: The Boy POVs
    196K 8.6K 8

    CUPID: If the world must end for us to be together then so be it... CAL: I would rather destroy my heart than destroy her... MINO: Did you know the mind is a labyrinth....? KLAUS: All I want to do is pull her onto my lap, taste her kisses, feel her body against mine... *** Discover what some of the male characters...

  • Valentine's Day: CUPID'S MATCH SEQUEL
    3M 170K 70

    Roses are red Violets are blue The match has been made I'M COMING FOR YOU... Happy VALENTINE'S DAY, Lila... *** Valentine's Day is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Cupid's Match - the Watty Award winning Paranormal Romance with over 30 million reads online! Cupid's Match is now a published Audiobook with Hachette, an...

  • Cupid's Match
    40.6M 2M 97

    In a world where everyone has a perfect match, what if you were matched with the dangerous, notoriously good looking, original bad boy...Cupid himself? *** Dear Lila, I am contacting you on behalf of The Cupids Matchmaking Service. You will not have heard of us but we are an organization that works behind the scenes o...

  • The Search for Cinderella
    13.1M 321K 40

    Annabelle Kennedy is a normal sixteen year old unaffected by the craze of internationally famous Xavier Matthews. Annabelle won't let an eighteen year old pop star distract her for her ambitions of being a musician. Xavier Matthews doesn't know who he is anymore. His management has taken control of his very soul, so m...

  • Of Frost & Cinder
    693K 28.6K 37

    After a freak accident that Shelland Conall can't remember, a strange boy with a snarky attitude shows up on her front porch, shocking her with the confession that he's been following her. To make matters worse, this stalker claims to be the one that saved her from her unknown brush with death, and he comes bearing an...

  • 27 Dresses {h.s.}
    64.6K 3.7K 8

    "She was waiting for a ring, he was waiting for the next best thing." - Samantha is sick and tired of always being the bridesmaid, watching everyone she knows fall in love and get married, (she's got 27 dresses to prove it.) Although, things take a turn for the worst when she finds out her long time best friend, Harr...

  • The Hollow Ball
    2.9M 133K 54

    There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.

  • Thread
    183K 8.5K 19

    Emma Sinclair is an anomaly. With a single touch of a stranger, she is catapulted into premonitions of their inevitable death. She doesn't know when or where, but she can feel every bone breaking and every heart exploding until the seizure is over. The people around her are determined to fix her--her Dad, most vigorou...

  • Who Cares || n.h
    395K 21.8K 9

    We can save ourselves. A Niall Horan fanfiction. Sequel to Anonymous. || highest in fanfiction: #116 ||

  • Confessions About Colton
    5.2M 275K 50

    ❝Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues.❞ When smart and charismatic Colton Crest disappears, his small country town in rural New South Wales jumps into obsessive conclusions of his whereabouts. His parents claim that he's visiting relatives, but even Mrs. Crest seems unconvinced by her own words. So when C...

  • Started With a Lie
    49.9M 1M 67

    [Watty's 2015 Winner] one lie. one fake relationship. one million problems. © 2016 Virgo Rose Edwards. trailer made by @novemberdreamer

  • My Life as a Walter Boy [Wattpad Sequel Only]
    14.3M 231K 30

    Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Girls. And that means living with a certain beautiful girl named Jackie. Will old feelings bubble up, or fade out forever? This story is the UNOFFICIAL sequel to t...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bullied (Completed)
    72.5M 2.5M 80

    "It's quite simple really," Bennett told me. "You'll be our good girl," Declan said. Jordan smiled. "And we'll be your bad boys." I was silent for a moment. I looked at them, at the contract, and back at them. Then I calmly put the papers back on the table. I looked at the three of them and slowly rose from my seat. "...

  • What Happened That Night
    641K 33K 62

    No one knows why Emily Porterfield murdered Griffin Tomlin that night. No one except for her younger sister, Clara, anyway. Nothing has been the same for Clara since the night of the Tomlins' annual Super Bowl Party but things take a drastic turn in the middle of September when her older sister, Emily, murders Clara's...