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  • Where I Belong
    621 3 1

    It's been three years since Ciel Phantomhive, now sixteen, has become a demon and he and his former/current butler Sebastian Michaelis have a new master surprisingly almost identical to the earl. The servants who reside in the manor of the new young master are The two and one maid named Xena all demons.And of course t...

  • The queen's cat ( Black butler fanfiction OC X OC) (ON HOLD)
    19.8K 735 13

    Rose Night has lost everything she loved and would do anything to get revenge on the people who made her lose everything.she even made a contract with a demon now she must get revenge. (I DONT OWN BLACK BUTLER AND THE CHARACTERS IN IT I ONLY OWN MY OCS)

  • I Have Somewhere To Be In 134 Years! (Black Butler)
    786K 34.1K 39

    Sam is an average 21st century girl. Well, if you consider sneaking out at night and dressing like a boy, normal. On one of her night errands, she comes across a doll which looks like her, on a display of a weird shop in a dark alley. With some window breaking and tripping on invisible gnomes, she finds herself in V...

  • Taken Under By The Love Of The Undertaker ( Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji )
    196K 6.6K 43

    Heyo! This story has been discontinued ON THIS ACCOUNT! If you would like to read it (which I would love for you to do), please go to my other account, MikkiKirkland. Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy! So go and enjoy my story! I love you all!

  • I landed in the world of Black Butler (Black Butler fanfiction)
    585K 15.3K 34

    Selene was walking home from an anime convention when she somehow ends up in the world of black butler. how will she survive living there and what will happen to her? will she make a certain demon fall in love with her?

  • Trapped in a Dream
    39.6K 379 4

    [Stuck in Kuroshitsuji, revised and moved to a more stable plotline. Old content will be posted later on. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.] It all began with a dream. You just woke up in your dream, and decided to make the most of it until you woke up- you took in all the beautiful sights, met a few n...

  • Avenging Annie (Black Butler FanFic) ~Book One~
    20.2K 724 36

    Riley Hart was only 16 when her father brutally murdered her mother and himself. At the scene of the Crime, Ciel Phantomhive and his unusual Butler, Sebastian Michealis, appear and take her and her sister, Annie, to their home. While there, Riley begins to see a certain man with long, blood-red hair hopping through tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Life Is a Lie - Reader x Black Butler (Ciel, Alois, Seba
    141K 4.7K 26

    You, [Name] [Last Name], are the best young assassin in London. That's the reason you were chosen, well, blackmailed, to kill the Queen and her only son. But you nearly got caught, and you'll now have to disguise yourself as the queen. Your life depends on it.

  • ~Red Riding Hood~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji}(Red Hood Diaries 1/3)
    516K 11.2K 28

    In the Victorian Era, a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive lost his parents and his mansion was burnt down two years ago. In the process of losing his parents, he seeks out to get revenge on those who killed them. Ciel summons a demon that he names Sebastian and makes a contract with him: Sebastian would serve and help...

  • The canary and the crow (a black butler fanfic)
    13.4K 418 13

    There was once a girl that lived in a bird house, a house full of birds of many kinds. The girl loved each and every bird, except for one particular crow. She would speak to, sing to, play with, and name the other birds but she refused to interact with that one crow. Soon the crow grew jealous of the other birds, he w...

  • In the time of the Queen, when her watchdog hunts (Book 4 of The New Noblesse)
    48.6K 2.7K 19

    In a new dimension yet again, Kuroi's not as stable as she would like to be, due to skipping from one dimension to the next without breaks (that aren't months long). What's gonna happen? Well, she meets a blue clad midget, a black clad butler, a red haired tranny chainsaw freak, a silver haired sythe wielder