ohhiloveyouu's Reading List

  • Nothing But The Best (hiatus)
    • annaleakay
    • 10 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    13.1K 465

    Elle Sparrow is the competent, intelligent star student of Margate Academy; Richie Garfield is the school's amiable, popular star swimmer. Richie and Elle have...

  • Under the Sea
    • diamondis
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    1.1K 73

    Almost exactly year ago, a young woman was found unconscious and washed up on the rugged shoreline of San Juan Island, Washington. Unable to recollect where sh...

  • One Night In San Francisco
    • iamaceltic47
    • 10 parts
    14.7K 606

    James Wilson is just one of eight men at the center of an intricate plot surrounding downtown San Francisco on the night of July 2nd. When the 24-year-old chec...

  • Beyond (The Beyond Trilogy)
    • Emmacatdog
    • 32 parts
    13.6K 706

    Harley and the other youth are the victims of World War III. They are as far as they know the only survivors of the attacks against Australia. But whispers sur...

  • Save Me: Book 1 (Completed) | Watty's 2015
    • CameoLover93
    • 36 parts
    • Updated 4 months ago
    1M 17.5K

    This story is entered in The Wattys for 2015. Please show your support by voting, commenting, and sharing with friends! o...