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  • Falling (Kingdom Hearts, AkuRoku)
    1K 18 1

    AU where all the worlds which had once been their own were now gathered into one big world, separated by a few miles or vast oceans. Roxas has a reoccurring nightmare, falling, plummeting into a black hole of nothingness. He begins to believe that his life will only consist of this dream and the comfort his twin broth...

  • Axel the Idiot
    216 9 1

    I guess I'm called Axel the Idiot for a reason. (AkuRoku, Kingdom Hearts.)

  • Kingdom Hearts Love Story: Please Don't Go (Akuroku)
    20.3K 763 33

    Roxas was just an ordinary boy with good grades and everyone knew him as the teacher's pet. He had the perfect life, until one day he met Axel, a supposed drug dealer. But Roxas could see the better of his new best friend. Get ready and buckle up with Roxas as he dives into this compelling, heartfelt story of love, fe...

  • [Kingdom Hearts] Secret Mission: High School
    60.3K 1.2K 32

    What happens when Xemnas gives Roxas, Axel, Xion, Larxene, Demyx and Zexion a mission to disguise as exchange students and collect hearts at the same time? Trouble that's what! Some pairings Warning: language and Tidus bashing... This is a copy and paste fanfic from written by nekochii-emi. has no app to...

  • Kingdom Hearts: Ice Cream of a Sea Salt Kind (Akuroku)
    925 27 2

    A cute, fluffy Akuroku... which includes ice cream. ;)

  • My Celebrity Crush (An Akuroku Fanfiction)
    16.3K 577 11

    •••AN AKUROKU FANFICTION•••As a famous singer loved by millions, you would think Roxas Strife would have the happiest, most perfect life. You couldn't be more wrong. Axel, a minimum-waged 19 year old living in an old apartment, is the key the Roxas's happiness. Just as Roxas is the key to Axel's. But neither of them k...

  • Key To My Heart ~ A Riku Story (Kingdom Hearts)
    123K 2.4K 24

    Ideally, she could acknowledge the past and begin a new life. Hypothetically, she could be her old self again and act like the past never happened. Realistically, she could be stubborn and let the past weigh her down. Fact: Maryx has always been a realist. A wary teenage girl with a cold heart may seem like an unwor...