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  • 13th doctor x reader
    10.5K 292 11

    You were about to kill yourself when the doctor and yaz find you. After a while with them you are growing closer to the doctor and you may have a little crush on her but what you don't know is that Yasmin also has a little crush.... but it's on you!!!

  • immortality, is losing everybody you love around you
    573 0 29

    sequel to unlucky gal

    Completed   Mature
  • Unlucky Gal
    408 17 19

    this is the life of a teenage girl who gets lied to about her own family. she is a orphan and was taken away from her parents when she was born. her parents then turn up after about 15 years expecting her t trust them when she has no idea who they even are. she is forced to use her own regenerations to save her mothe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Elementary...Sweetie
    280 18 1

    Sherlock meets River Song... Time and space is no longer safe...

  • Angel Eyes and Devils Tounge
    128 7 2

    An innoccence in her eyes, the blunt burn of her tounge. Matt doesn't know how he will win over her heart. He's the worlds newest darling who can have anyone he wants, but he chose her. He will always choose her.

  • I Won't Say I'm In Love
    97 11 1

    Alex hears a song when she is watching Hercules with her daughter and suddenly, everything seems so clear

  • Three Little Words
    61 3 1

    Matt has to hear from a comic con that Alex is getting married, how does he react? Will him and Alex remain friends?

  • First Time
    599 20 4

    My name is Matt Smith and this is my first time.

  • Intrusion on the Inside
    1.4K 19 1

    Smut ensues and I have no control of my dirty mind. Alex is alone in her flat with Karen and Arthur out and Matt passes by to hear her moaning. So as any man who's madly in love with a woman, he tries to prove himself, although this isn't what he expected.

  • King For Day
    76 2 2

    Queen Alexandra Kingston has outlived two husbands, Sir turned King, Ralph Fiennes and a King from a rival kingdom, King Florian Haertel. Neither man caught her fancy, but her kingdom needs a King and now they need another one. Does she dare take the throne like that of Queen Elizabeth or does she entertain the idea o...

  • I Wish You Would
    1K 25 4

    Matt Smith and Alex Kingston fanfiction. My friend Victoria is helping me write so kudos to her.

  • Sleeping With A Friend
    1.3K 36 4

    Catherine Tate and David Tennant Fanfiction. Warning choice language and actions may be used.

  • Masquerade
    3.3K 147 10

    Matt Smith is ecstatic to meet Alex Kingston at a big masquerade ball planned by Karen Gillan. Karen apparently loves playing matchmaker.