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  • The Stage Manager
    92.4K 9.6K 64

    Beatrice "Bea" Masters has been her theater department's wonderkid ever since she became the stage manager when she was just a freshman. But after the fiasco that was last year's musical (which was not her fault), Bea has been dying for redemption. And since she's a senior, her school's spring production of Little Sho...

  • Adopted By 5SOS
    10.6M 330K 103

    What happens when love doesn't connect to you. When your mother dies in a horrible accident. And your abusive father gets arrested. And you. You get taken an orphanage where they tell you everything will be better. But is everything better? [Highest Rank Fan Fiction: #5] [Current Rank Fan Fiction: #...

  • Be My Juliet
    1.5M 39.1K 55

    Penelope recently moved to England to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She never expected to fall for anyone, especially the Youtube sensation Dan Howell, better known as danisnotonfire. Will their relationship work, or will something get in the way? **Warning: May be triggering. ©writingmaniac321

  • CALAMITY ° jurassic world
    875K 30.1K 26

    ❝But hey, you got the full Jurassic World experience.❞ IN WHICH HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF (SORT OF). [no translations please] [zach mitchell x oc] © bIeachers 2015 - completed.

  • Percabeth: Demigods & High School 1 (REVISING) A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    2M 36.7K 50

    Annabeth and Percy starts another year in an unexpected situation, they are going to high school! Which means high school drama and a lot of parties especially when the gang joins them in this new journey. No monsters and quests, just them living normal.....NOT. So join Percabeth in their thrilling adventure and see...

  • Ulquiorra Love Story
    227K 5.1K 65

    Completed   Mature