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  • Fae Lord's Betrothed (Book One)
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    Featured - @WattpadDarkFantasy • A human girl was betrothed a fae lord. It didn't end well. Allura Weaver didn't have an easy life. But it got worse when she was betrothed to the ruler of Wrewan, Lord Cayold. She didn't have an option but to agree to the proposal no matter how much she hated him or his kind. The purpo...

  • Graveyard, Backyard ✔️
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    ▪ FEATURED by Wattpad ▪ The intertwined lives of a girl, a boy, a haunted house, and a cursed demon... Claire is your normal teenager who moves to a new town after her parent's divorce. She thought the worst was behind and she can have a new beginning. Only she didn't know what was waiting for her... A haunted house h...

  • Stranded
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    This is the last station on GR-1M Express - a stop where no one boards and no one alights. Not one person on a fully functional train station. Neel Broody didn't know a quick nap on his work trip would cost him a lifetime of adventure. An adventure that will remain untold as he might not be alive to tell them. --- Nee...