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  • Finding My Way Home
    729K 11.8K 25

    WARNING: Before you start reading if you do not like a Ménage à trois, then please do not read this! Being abused brings you down and makes you second, triple guess yourself. Then one day a man comes along and rescues you from the hell that has been your life. Then to find out he is also your mate? God must be playing...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Baby
    114K 1.7K 16

    Denae Woodard is a seventeen year old, who happens to be pregnant by her mate, Alpha Roman Watts. This would be your everyday werewolf story but there is a huge problem. Roman turns abusive a few months after they mated. It turns out that he is possessed by demon who is set on making him murder his mate. Denae finally...

  • Stripped (On Hold)
    411K 7.4K 18

    Christina had faced rejection from her mate after they had sex. Heartbroken she tries to live a normal life, but hits a snag in the road. She becomes pregnant. Six years later she is somewhat happy: she has a house, a beautiful daughter, and a job. But her job isn't the best of them. She is an exotic dancer, not exact...

  • Sex-capades: A Literary Affair
    1.9M 15K 8

    Are you stuck in a rut? Looking for excitement? Then why not have an affair? With literature, that is. This collection of steamy one-shots is sure to leave you breathless and begging for more. *WARNING* Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 or for the faint of heart.

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Sexy Shorts~
    1M 6.7K 7

    When the need for another consumes and their desire rages beyond their own imaginings. Their wishes become reality and their stories become real. Their love, passion, and sexy tales are here. Read if you dare.

  • Fighting Thy Master
    11.2K 213 6

    The world is unfar, unforgiving, and judgmental. In this world vampires and werewolves have a packet. Humans are for food, in less they are the bond pairs of either a vampire or a werewolf. Any unneeded vampires or werewolves, of covens and packs alike, are giving to the slave trade. Were the royals have werewolves an...

  • Saved By The Alpha
    404K 6.5K 6

    [WARNING: CONTAINS R-RATED SEXUAL CONTENT!] Yasmin's been held captive by the cruel Alpha Paul for just over three years now. She's been abused mentally, physically and emotionally and just wants death to come so that she can be free from this miserable lifestyle. Blake is the Alpha of Paul's rival pack and he's just...

  • Risking It
    3.9K 55 29

    Charlotte has always been bullied since elementary, but has always been taken great cared of by the Alpha of her pack The Midnight pack and his son and daughter. So when Charlotte finally has enough of the queen bees of school and fights back, She finally speaks to her "sister" Camille, who takes her from the pack to...