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  • The Deadly Disciple
    895K 47.1K 33

    [SEQUEL to BONES OF THE DEMON KING] Once the victim of a horrific abduction, Joelynn Lewis is now trying to live a normal life. When she discovers that her cousin Eva has gone missing, she tries to search for her only to become the target of a madman who calls himself The Deadly Disciple. With his identity unknown, Jo...

  • Bones of the Demon King
    3M 133K 45

    "The search for my queen continues." He's known as the Demon King. He's a serial killer that brutally murders women. Eva Lewis is the reporter that named him...but is she also his next victim? The FBI must race against time to catch the Demon King before he claims his queen. **THIS IS PART OF A TRILOGY** Book 1: Bone...

  • Blood of the Demon
    648K 34.9K 29

    [PART III to BONES OF THE DEMON KING] When filming of the movie Raising the Demon King begins, a new serial killer runs amok. Revenge is the only thing that can stop this murderer that has FBI Agent Sally Roux and reporter Eva Lewis teaming up. Things get complicated when they discover they might be chasing a dead man...

    93K 5.6K 21

    Paranormal Romance / Teen Fiction (Contemporary) When Azura's father told him that he would be attending Saint Hubert Academy to train as a hunter he thought it was nothing but a big joke. It wasn't funny, of course, considering he was half demon and therefore has demonic blood running through his veins and the peopl...

  • The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series
    181K 9.9K 33

    [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called The Broken. With the assistance of a young paranormal investigator, she begins to uncover the group's darkest secrets...

  • Assassin One
    395K 15.3K 36

    Highest rank 1# Action ------- She doesn't have a name, she is simply Assassin One. The best assassin. She was sold into the business and struggles to adjust to life at the compound as a murderer-in-training, but soon she makes a friend and rises ranks by doing unspeakable things, things that still haunt her. She cli...

  • Smoke and Mirrors : Royal Angels I
    2.8M 247K 75

    He was the prince who got away. He had it all - power, fame, glory, honor. (Did I mention the unlimited supply of money, alcohol and women?) Yet he chose the human world. She wasn't shy, quiet or even remotely sweet. She wasn't your girl next door and she certainly was not a princess. When Victoria is hire...

  • Lucifer's Favorite
    6.9K 173 2

    Rose was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago but she's fighting it with kimo but suddenly it disappears and the doctors believe it's one of God's miracles but Rose thinks different... Rose was walking though the hospital to grab her things when she bumped into a man the man looked at her his eyes soften she pushes him...

  • Mask
    80.7K 4.5K 45

    A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the Devil And son of Death himself Put them together in a high school with the devil as the principle and things are bound to go wrong. This year is...

  • The Devils Angel (On Hold)
    51.8K 1.7K 40

    Angel was just a normal teenage girl. Wonderful friends, a perfect boyfriend...until she gets involved in a weird myth/ritual her friend finds online. But it doesn't stop there. What happens when she offers herself as the offering the summon the Devil to try and prove a point ? And he actually comes to claim his gift...

  • ✔My Demonic Guardian Angel [#Wattys2017]
    41K 2.7K 31

    Highest ranking: #11 in Paranormal Wonderful cover made by the amazing: @-shadeplay . Contact her for a cover to be made. --- Charity Raven Hunter comes from a long line of hunters. Protectors blessed by God long ago; they have sworn to eradicate all the pure evil forces in the world. She was only six years old wh...

  • Lucifer's Darling
    739K 37.3K 71

    "The devil is real. He is not a little short man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful, he can be everything you want. Because he is a fallen angel and he used to be God's favourite" But she was good. Too good, for him. He was bad. To bad, for her. She craved for him to see the fire in her eyes and to play with i...

  • The Girl Is Mine!
    1.4M 27.2K 39

    Emmett Wolfe was the soon to be alpha, but there was one problem. He needed a mate. Juliana Smith hated wolves, even though she herself was one. She didn't want anything to do with them, but when the soon-to-be alpha claims her as his mate will she change her mind?Will she get over her hate for wolves? Her answer? No...

  • The Assassin Hybrid
    146K 5.8K 38

    Evelyn was a young girl when her pack was killed. She was found and taken in by hunters that don't know her secret. She is vampire, angel, and wolf hybrid. She hunts down the rouge vampires and werewolves. Every day is another day closer to finding her mate and she's not going to accept him until she gets revenge. Wha...

  • Draft: Queen Hybrid
    251K 10.4K 27

    #28 in Paranormal {Highest} (Formerly 'The Hybrid Princess') ~ THIS IS A DRAFT VERSION OF MY NEW BOOK. THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY. YOU CAN STILL READ THIS VERSION, BUT THERE IS NO SEQUEL. Message me if you have a question. ~ In 1771, Cleo's parents died in what she thought was a crash. She was only 7 years old. She st...

  • The Angel's Sacrifice
    112K 2.3K 34

    When Fae is taken from her home without warning, she is thrust further into the realm of Heaven and Hell than she ever wanted to. As a Falling Angel plots to take her love, a Fallen Angel simply plans to take her soul. Desperately trying to fight the two forces, she begins to love her capture and maybe even he in retu...

  • The Demon's Protector
    148K 5.5K 33

    The time of humanity ended. Fact. Conquered by demons. Fact. Humans are enslaved to the demons. Only a fact to those who believe it is. In a world where humans are now at the bottom, it only takes one person to change it all. Defying all logic a human girl defeats demon men in a tournament, becoming the Demon King's p...

  • Demons
    303K 7.9K 38

    Dawn is a normal girl, or so she thought until her sixteenth birthday comes and a mysterious new boy shows up at school. A very good looking mysterious new boy at that. She made a promise to herself that when she turned sixteen she would run away from home and her abusive father. But when she begins to realize new abi...

  • Blood Runner: Book Three of the Empress Saga
    40.9K 4.1K 58

    Joshuan Krayson has been condemned to die for crimes committed before his birth. The Highest King has granted him one hopeless chance at clemency. He must use his forbidden magic to preserve and deliver a noble bloodline to its chosen heir. However, the Spired City has many dangers, and hushed voices speak of the Drag...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Whispers
    21.6K 1.3K 15

    Highest Rank in Paranormal: #1 ~~05/09/16 Eireena Williams had experienced life rough. With the death of a family member, abuse, and the demons at her school, it was surprise she was able to smile at all. Every time she laughed, the loneliness in her heart reminded her that she'd always be alone. There'd never be anyo...

  • BBWW Sequel
    706K 59.7K 59

    The story of the future kids of the BBWW couples! © Jojo B 2016 All rights reserved

  • Bad Boys With Wings
    8.6M 396K 66

    **Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arrival, but there's something more, something inhuman. Vienna is a girl with issues. Anger finds its way to her quickly, and what's more is that she alway...

  • The Dragon's Heir
    3.7M 123K 24

    COMPLETE #1 in Fantasy #1 in Adventure #1 in Historical Fiction ---------- Sometimes, believing helps us to see truth. Other times, we need a little evidence to believe. But there is truth behind everything; every false manoeuvre, ever little lie...a small piece of truth is hidden. Just like truth is wound into le...

  • The Devil's Love
    1.6M 83K 67

    The Devil's Love Series Book 1: Tempt the Devil; Book 2: Playing with Fire; Book 3: Queen of Hell; Book 4: Shadow of Death. (All four stories contained in this one book) What does the devil do when he is invited to a wedding and the invitation says, plus guest? Lost in his thoughts about the possible choices, he takes...

  • The Gang Leader
    25.4K 775 23

    "Kill him, I can't see his filthy face anymore. And kill all his whores" I ordered Jack and looked back at the sluts this man had. 7 to be exact, all with surgeries in their bodies, big boobs, big butts and lips. Then something catches my attention, a small girl between those grown ass women. She looked delicate, soft...

  • The Blood King
    24.5K 1.2K 23

    Every 100 years the new Queen is born destined to be with the Blood King. She is chosen by Blood, she will be the only child born with the same blood type as the king for the next century. If the King does not fall in love with her by the end of year or she does not return his love for a year after her 19th Birthday...