• The Last of the Royals
    • blissom
    • 1 Part
    • Updated Apr 10, 2016 07:39AM
    305 32

    The year is 1912. After seeing his family killed in front of him, Alexei Romanov, the last Russian prince of the last royal dynasty, is on the run from murde...

  • Amor Fati
    • farrons
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated Feb 18, 2016 07:33PM
    40 1

    ❝ Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me. Oh, and I rush to the start ❞ College dropout, DJ by night, and caricature artist by day, Charlie Song lived hi...

  • The Undoing of Kira Nakata
    • swimmingly
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated Feb 28, 2016 04:26AM
    18.9K 2.1K

    The beautiful die young.

  • My Delivery Boy
    1.8M 54.9K

    Maisie Lockhart is your non-believer of "love at first sight". Until, it may become an awaken belief when a particular delivery boy catches her eyes one day at...

  • Compositions of Us
    • affiniteas
    • 31 Parts
    • Updated Jan 05, 2015 06:35AM
    1.8M 41.5K

    Olivia Harris has one dream: to become a professional photographer. She’s determined and even went out of her way to intern at a well known photography compa...

  • Chasing Possibility
    1M 27.7K

    Elliot "Eli" Wesley and Lana Clarke are from two different worlds during high school. A year later after graduation, it's out with the old high school days, bu...

  • un·der·tow
    628 37

    ❝ It's a horrible tragedy to have everything you need and still feel like you're missing something. ❞ ⚓ ⚓ ⚓ Death is not a fragile topic for Jem Westcott. Al...

  • Recipe For Disaster • #Wattys2015
    580 70

    A baking enthusiast and a rock star meet in a way they least expected. Combine awkward flirting, sassy comebacks and deathly stares to create your very own tro...

  • Dancing Daisies
    330 15

    "When I first met Daisy, I thought she was the most beautiful half-girl, half-robot I had ever seen. If I had understood that the 'robot' part of her was actua...

  • Hiding Her
    2.7K 155

    World War Two. A time where no Jew was safe. A time where they were forced to go into hiding. Meet Julia. A Jewish girl running from the very monsters that k...

  • The Tail of Caspian Lir
    467 24

    Teagan is in her senior year of high school and she can’t wait to graduate. She's lived in the same small ocean front town, Cutler, Maine since she was born an...

  • Cupcakes and Complications. {on hold!}
    1K 32

    There's nothing that Emily loves more than baking. Ready to leave her old life in Seattle behind, she heads to the Big Apple where all sorts of surprises are i...

  • Mute
    77.5K 2.6K

    Music:ON World:OFF Welcome to Syrus. Please pick up your complimentary pair of headphones at the gates. Plug them into your mandatory devices and skip to tr...

  • Cinderella's Fangs
    • Forcade
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated Mar 18, 2016 04:04PM
    84.1K 1.2K

    *Under editing* [ROMANCE/VAMPIRE/HISTORICAL FICTION] Cinderella isn't new to hardwork and being ill treated by her stepsisters. She has dreams and held on...