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  • Orphala [on hold]
    2.6K 95 4

    Back then, when the world was still known as the supercontinent Pangaea, the land mass separated during continental drift, creating the continents we know today. But what you didn't know was that when they broke apart, a piece of land now called Orphala has drifted off - lost and alone, surrounded only by water. When...

  • A Year of Winter
    251K 9.8K 29

    For seventeen years, Henry’s always been content with a cup of tea and a good book. But when he decides that he wants to write one of his own, he realizes he lacks something to write about. So, when the enigmatic Winter McLane transfers to his school, he thinks he may have finally found what he’s been looking for.

  • The Gossip Games [coming not-anytime-soon]
    2.3K 58 1

    The most dreaded part of the year at Memorial High is known as the annual Gossip Games. Popularity rules the school, and they're aware of it too. People knowing your name is very important to everyone. But when people know your name, and you're not popular, something obviously is going to go wrong. Meet Chelsea Fontai...

  • Just Drive [old version]
    626K 14.6K 23

    OLD VERSION Self-proclaimed pathetic being Sam Anderson is shocked when her ex-almost-boyfriend, Austin, comes up to her and asks her to drive him all the way across the country to California just so he can see his girlfriend. Thinking she was only getting into a quick, scenic car ride across America, she finds hersel...

  • Who You Are
    977 42 3

    (Previously titled "A Summer in Paradise") Marlee Summers didn't expect to be working at a juicebar when she went to visit her dad for the summer at his tropical island resort–but that's exactly where she found herself. While spending her summer vacation on the island, Marlee is quietly being ripped apart inside, and...

  • Just Breathe [On Hold Indefinitely]
    46.9K 1.1K 7

    "Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments." Meet Anabelle, an inept overachiever. She's got the rest of her life carefully planned out. Get a high school diploma, get enough money from The Smokestall to go to college, and finally - get out of Milwaukee. Everything was going faultlessly, until he came into to...

  • Ariel
    22.9K 512 3

    When Ariel Anderson rescues a young man from drowning at sea, she doesn't expect much to come of it. Maybe a thank you or a box of chocolates at the most, but nothing more. She certainly didn’t expect to find the love of her life. But hey, these things happen.

  • So Lost [hiatus until end of july]
    7.9K 430 15

    I am confused. I try to wander, but I end up lost. Short stories, poems, and strange things that do not go anywhere. I don't know who this is about. A/N: read this if you want your eyes to burn off xoxo

  • Paper Hearts
    10.9K 372 5

    We all go mad for a little love.

  • Colours
    2.6K 108 1

    I met Tris on the warmest day of that Summer of 2012. He wanted me to see colours. After all, I was just a blind girl who didn't know how the outside world looked like. Little did I know that he didn't, either.

  • Ostrich Feathers
    40.4K 2.1K 27

    Here we go again, sticking our heads in the sand.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tale of A Masochist
    82.7K 3.3K 9

    "I want you to follow exactly what those chocolate bars tell you to do for a week - no excuses, and no changing your dare. Are we clear?" * * * * * Vincent and Cleo have been best friends since kindergarten, with him being the ultimate troublemaker, while she did all she could to k...

  • Six Last Lessons
    18.1K 842 6

    "We all live, Emily, and we all die. It's part of being human, but more than that, it's part of being alive. I'm proud to say that I lived, and when I die, I want you to be proud too." Emily knows a lot about life. She does, after all, have sixteen years of hands on experience. But when her best friend is diagnosed wi...

  • Jericho
    399K 14.2K 9

    Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Lawson is stuck in Point Lautner, a small logging town in northern Canada. She was born here, and she'll die here. Rebecca's on the edge of giving up her dreams of leaving when she rescues a strange, beautiful boy from a frozen lake.

  • Let Her Go
    24.3K 572 1

    ❝ he told her the story about how the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night just to let her breathe. ❞ {memoirs from a girl who didn't realize how much he cared until it was too late.}

  • Hidden
    10.4K 754 13

    hidden [ hid - n ] /adjective/ concealed from knowledge or exposure; kept secret. these are the things I've always kept hidden thoughts unspoken, stories unwritten truth be told: I should keep them inside but they're getting oh, so hard to hide ranked poetry #65 and teen fiction #417 on the twenty-ninth of june. a co...

  • Hello, Goodbye.
    34.9K 1.8K 13

    ❝You have to understand that someday I can't just say hello to you to risk another goodbye. ❞

  • Gap Year
    2K 70 3

    Daven wanted to be a writer, Claire dreamed of seeing her name in lights in Broadway or Hollywood or the West End, and Alex was determined to travel and make a change in the poorer parts of the world. Their plans were fine - great, even. It was just that Daven hadn't exactly planned ahead, and Claire hadn't thought o...

  • Last May
    9.1K 512 16

    31 letters all written by May Parker in the month of May - the last month she was ever alive.

  • Room Service
    1.6M 57.5K 13

    With summer just around the corner, Coraline's prepared for another busy tourist season at her family's hotel. What she's not expecting, however, is England's hottest up-and-coming music sensation, Leon McCarthy, showing up at the check-in desk.

  • The Perks of Being a Rowling
    113K 6.5K 10

    Growing up in a world related to everything Potter, Libby Rowling decides that she has had enough. Ready for a change, she packs her bags and embarks on her journey to the states. Her plan blows up when she meets Mason, a Harry Potter fanatic who might just turn her world upside down. [#31 short story 1.23.14]

  • Wayfaring Companions
    148K 5.8K 13

    "We could fly to Berlin, Tokyo or Jamaica. We can go where you want, say the word and I'll take ya. But I'd rather stay on the sofa, with you." Summer time means vacation; three months of new discoveries, thrilling adventures, wrinkled maps to be pried open, and gorgeous foreign countries to explore. When Kira Walke...

  • alice
    20.1K 785 6

    "alice?" he whispered, his voice nervous. "yeah?" she replied absent mindedly, stirring the coffee in the dark red cup with her spoon. "i love you," he said. an uncomfortable silence filled the air. "i love you, alice," he repeated, looking at her. her head was bent as she spooned the cream and only strands of her gin...

  • signed, hopeless
    450K 19.8K 65

    ❝i'm lost, i truly am. i can only hope that writing to you will help me - that it will stop me from feeling like such a mess.❞ signed, hopeless [other: #57]

  • Trapeze
    2.5M 82.4K 26

    For seventeen-year-old Corey Ryder, life on the road is all she’s ever known. A trainee trapeze artist in her aunt’s circus, she’s never found herself in one place for more than a few weeks at a time. For her, it’s a way of life. But when a tragic accident leaves their entire livelihood in tatters, Corey is forced to...

  • The UnSlut Project
    15.4M 291K 206

    I was the 6th-grade "slut." And I kept a diary. So I decided to create The UnSlut Project in the hopes that my own diary entries could provide some perspective to girls who currently feel trapped and ashamed. I am publishing these entries one at a time, without changing a single word except for the names of the peopl...

  • Virus (on hold indefinitely)
    2.4K 66 2

    Jax Flink is a computer engineer, to put it simply. His knowledge consists of taking apart computers, putting them back together, and fixing them of any hardware malfunctions. He's  not one for software problems; he'll leave that to his brother, the hacker. But when the leading CEO of technological innovations goes mi...

  • How Rachel Met Harvey
    13.1K 362 3

    Senior year has begun and the pressure of college applications is setting in, introducing tension between a seemingly inseparable pair of friends.

  • New Parchment
    35.3K 1.6K 6

    A soon-to-be collection of Harry Potter one-shots, whenever I feel like writing them.

  • Heading For Nowhere {thirty day writing challenge} [unfinished]
    9K 266 18

    "always chasing something, even in our sleep" unfinished challenge credit to halcyon