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  • The Worthwhile Future (Sequel to The Worthwhile Affair) BVB fanfiction
    35.5K 1.7K 26

    Anna and Andy don't end there story yet. True love is a crazy and passionate ride. Anna has become content with her home life. As a single mom and a business owner, it takes up much of her time these days which leaves her little to no time for herself. She has become fiercely independent in order to prove she can make...

  • The Worthwhile Affair (Black Veil Brides Fan Fiction)
    82.6K 2.4K 26

    Anna Martin is a well-established photographer who spent her summers touring with musicians. Having a homestead in Florida she finds herself travelling all over the U.S. covering gigs and following a few groups in specific. Covering one concert in particular will change the course of her life forever. She comes face t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Love [Black Veil Brides]
    996K 26.1K 28

    Rose Lane idolises Black Veil Brides, she loves their lyrics and their message. One night at a concert changes her life forever as she finds herself battling not only herself but everything around her too. What happens when she starts falling for Andy Biersack, the lead singer of her favourite band? But what, or rathe...

    97.1K 4.6K 24

    there's no one that knows me like you do an andy biersack fanfic

  • Background (Sequel to Desirous)
    27.1K 1.3K 20

    Everything appears to be going great for Morgan. She and Andy are back together, planning to buy a house as a couple, and she's one year away from graduating from college. When one a bump appears in her plan, Andy and Morgan are forced to push their boundaries and struggle to work together. *Third and last book to Sur...

  • Surviving Him (Andy Biersack love story)
    265K 9.4K 49

    Morgan had it all. She was head cheerleader, had an amazing home life, kept her best friend Samm balanced, and overall, life was good. That was until HE came. Then this perfect life turned into a mere hell.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing)
    138K 5.2K 45

    Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide to drag her along on tour to show her how life on the road is, and give her the chance to play her music in local bars and small venues. But what happ...

  • Desirous (Sequel to Surviving Him)
    89.1K 4.4K 33

    When one too many drinks lead to Morgan cheating, she leaves Andy confused and heart broken. Obviously he broke up with her and that was that. Did Morgan really expect to ever see Andy again when she moved to New York to fulfill her dream of being a dancer? Heck to the no! How are you supposed to react when the old lo...

    Completed   Mature