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  • SNAP: The World Unfolds
    1.5M 22.9K 47

    SNAP, a multinational celeb TV show and magazine, is the holy grail for Maxie Gwenoch. When she snags the job as managing editor, she’s looking for fame, fortune and Jimmy Choos. What she finds is a media empire owned by Baron Kandesky and his family. A family of vampires. They’re European, urbane, wealthy and mesmeri...

  • Blood Massacre
    160 10 1

  • Roses and Black Glass: a dark Cinderella tale (novel preview)
    226K 2.3K 20

    (Now available as an ebook and in print!) A dark retelling of Cinderella in early America. In an age when cutting up dead bodies is considered taboo, Cindy’s father is a mortician. She is happy with their fascinating life, though controversial, until he marries Anna van Burren and two new sisters are brought into the...

  • All Hell Broke Loose
    3.1K 98 4

    What if the gods, were to dangle the gift of power right infront of your eyes. What if the power was put into a girl? And to achieve this power, you must drain her until nothing is left. Vampires have looked for this Source. But never actually laid eyes on her. Well all that changes; when Mitch, a vampire, stumbles up...

  • Frost Academy
    54.6K 989 7

    Victoria Frost is the daughter of the very wealthy headmaster of Frost Academy, Erebus Frost. Victoria has longed to go to Frost Academy ever since she started high school, and for some reason her father won't let her. Eventually, after enough of Victoria's begging, she's able to attend Frost Academy. Only after a cou...

  • To Kill a Vampire
    7.3K 226 10

    What would you do if you met someone you weren't supposed to meet? Someone who your family had ran away from? What happens when the secret that you weren't even supposed to know about yourself is revealed to the last person you would have wanted to know? Gwen Luxford had left home to do nothing but go to Art Sch...

  • A night with Dracula
    3.7M 104K 39

    "I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two week's and everything is fine at first.. before two people have gone missing or at least that's what their telling us... but soon after sonee goes looking around in a sec...

  • Famous last words (on hold)
    1K 34 11

    Jet doesn't believe in Vampires. She never has, and believes she never will, but she soon finds herself thrown viciously into the night world with nowhere to run, and no one to turn to. Where will Jet turn when past that is better left un-touched suddenly comes to light?

  • This Nerd is a Vampire
    54.7K 1.2K 10

    One strange night, Camille Nichols, a nerd at her highschool, is walking home. Strange enough, her home is barely far away, except her walk seems excruciatingly long. Everything around her is dark, bleak and gloomy, until a faint smell of blood arises. To her amazement, an extremely attactive guy appears, with unusual...

  • Forever Dead
    4.2M 69K 28

    Nocte Defunctorum...also known as Night of the Dead. One night of every twenty years vampires can come into the human world and take Potential Mates. Audrina Knight has every intention of staying human, and not getting invovled with vampires...unlike her best friend and classmates. She wears a simple mask, invisible t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete
    7.9M 88.9K 34

    For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking himself in the shroud of darkness he carefully bided his time. The monumental day that he had been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived—the d...

  • Masks, sand and fangs.
    1.3K 23 10

    Masks, sand and fangs, three things. Put them together and what do you get? Killjoys, vampires, werewolves, supernatural beings, romance, death, blood, pain. The life of two girls on the run. From what? well thats forever changing, sometimes, from themselves.