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  • Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete
    7.7M 83.2K 34

    For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking himself in the shroud of darkness he carefully bided his time. The monumental day that he had been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived—the d...

  • Changed Fate (ON HOLD)
    1.8M 55.5K 24

    ON HOLD UNTIL I CAN START WRITING AGAIN LIKE I USED TO. I DO PLAN TO CONTINUING THIS STORY, I JUST NEED SOME TIME TO GET BACK IN MY GROOVE. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING!! Emily is a mother of triplets with an upcoming first birthday! She couldn't have been busier if she tried. That was until the werewolf father of her tr...

  • The Billionaire's Housekeeper #Wattys2017
    173K 8.8K 31

    Nicholas Davenport needs a housekeeper. With a multi-billion empire to run and two overactive children, widower Nick needs all the help he can get. What he doesn't want is complications. Betsy Jones needs a job. Her sister is sick and her own life is in shambles. When the opportunity comes to fill in for her sister a...

  • Taken by a Stranger
    1.7K 31 2

    The First of the "Based on Music" series. It takes two to tango in the game of Seduction - the Seducer and the One to be Seduced. They are strangers inexplicably drawn to each other, lured by the danger of being taken by a stranger. Danger is a risky business.

    Completed   Mature
  • Collection of Older Works
    2.9M 26.8K 60

    This is a collection of some old first drafts. I wrote them a while ago, and they are unedited. Contains: Flashbacks of a Fool (Historical Romance) Faethfully Yours: Awakening (Fantasy) I hope you enjoy them!

  • Pink Means Positive
    337K 2.2K 44

    Megan's boyfriend Seth is moving to Denver, Colorado but she lives in Kansas City, Missouri. A few weeks after a homecomeing dance Megan finds out she's pregnant. Her boyfriend moves away at the end of the week but she doesn't want to tell him. What will happen as she travels this road alone?

  • One night with the prince
    18.7M 274K 50

    Anna is a simple girl from a small town. But is as mouthy as they come. One day she wins a radio contest on a stroke of luck, that sends her packing on a trip to the small country of Bantaniomos, where she is accidently mistaken for another girl, who is in the running in winning the prince's heart. The rules are simp...

  • When I Look At You (Book 2- Mated Hearts Series) Complete
    5.6M 51.2K 33

    Amy is a focused student and just wants to enjoy a care free senior year. Her family is fiercely over protective and she accepted years ago that boys just wasn't worth all the trouble. She would find her mate someday but until then she would just live happily independent. That is until new student, Steven arrives on...

  • Total Eclipse of The Heart- Mated Hearts Series Book 1 (Complete)
    6M 67.9K 35

    Raven was ecstatic. Life could not get any better than it already was when she and her friends took off for the beach after graduation. They planned to spend the summer at the beach before returning home to attend college in the fall. That was the plan.....until the unthinkable happens and it leaves Raven forever b...

  • The Playboy's Baby (Will be Edited When I'm Done) update soon
    3.7M 40.3K 28

    An unforgettable night changes the life of Holly Evans forever. She is pregnant with the school’s playboy baby, Blake Crawford. Holly Evans never expected Blake Crawford to notice her-much less have insterest in her. She wasn't sure why she giving into him in a moment of weakness but she did. Blake Crawford has been...

  • Let It Be Me
    13.8K 161 12

    A horrible incident occurred during Miranda's 15th year that caused her life to fall apart. Piece after piece her life fell like a game of dominos until she met Nathan. Nathan seemed nice, normal and awfully handsome. But is he the one? 2011(c) All rights reserved

  • Heartbreak Howl
    1.7K 57 2

  • Tattooed Love
    13.8M 9.9K 6

    You don't choose who you love, your heart does. Your heart doesn't understand that loving that person could lead to your own destruction. Follow Amber, as she falls for a man that she shouldn't, and makes mistakes she is sure to regret. A dangerous and deadly love story, with more drama and twists than any other. (...

    Completed   Mature
  • One and Only
    7.1M 69.5K 44

    "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive. But I couldn't, I just couldn't. "I-I can't, I'm sorry." I started running away, wiping the stray tears that betrayed me and leaked, with the palm of my han...

  • He had it all, she didn't ♥
    404 15 2

    Elena has many secrets and you should come along to discover what they are. Dusk a famous boy band has come to elena's school and the rest has yet to be decided. this story is where you decide or you get me to decide what happens. read and go on a romantic and funny journy with elena. lets see where she takes us on yo...

  • An Undeniable Connection (My French Teacher Claims I'm His Mate - book 1)
    3.8M 61.1K 37

    A new teacher at school in her senior year makes her life change 180°. The complications that arise with him, with her boyfriend, with everything... It's simple: life as it used to be will never be the same after she met him; yet it's not that easy sometimes to be with the person you want to be with --especially when...

  • Bad Girl VS. The Player
    11.2M 116K 27

  • The Girl behind the Throne
    7.1M 88.6K 40

    its hard being the secret best friend of the next king, for Tess and James their friendship spanning twelve years changes when Tess comes back from the boarding school she attended for three years, to see James as no longer a boy but a man. Causing her to ask herself is it possible to be best friends with a future kin...

  • The BAD girl is always more fun.
    6.1M 63.9K 25

    Madison's life has been one bad thing after the next,but things starts to change when she starts to attend a prestige school for the rich, she does want or plan on making friends she just wants good grades so she can take care of all her loved ones, but when the schools hotty Jeremy and his mob of crazy, funny, charmi...

  • Their Paid Girl
    25.3M 343K 47

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to send to their parents... Shawna's pretty much seen it all. But no matter what they pay her for, everything she does has one common factor: it's all fake...

  • The Heir
    12M 162K 51

    For as long as Jessica can remember, she wanted to be a part of a family. She has never had a home, always on the run. And all of a sudden, her wish came true, she is sent to stay with her mom. But she convinced herself she hated them all, especially when she came to know her half siblings had not only the life she sh...

  • Seven mates for seven brothers
    6.1M 80.6K 63

    The rogues have terrorised all the packs, killed as many female weres as they could in their quest to claim all the pack lands for themselves. During the past eight to ten years some packs have completely dissapeared while in a few, things where almost normal. In a unified force, the remaining weres banded together...

  • The Unknown Thief
    508K 10.3K 31

    Aubrey has spent her life trying to free herself from a curse. While others waited, she took action. They may not have been the best actions, but they got her closer to her goal. Nathaniel never took anything in life seriously. He lived as if it would all end tomorrow. He never planned ahead, and never thought about h...

  • The Last Dance
    19.6M 189K 36

    Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady' if she can help it, is not looking forward to coming of age and attending the High Ball which she thinks is nothing more than a market for single gi...

  • Blackmailing a Marquess
    49.9K 882 5

    Lady Elizabeth Kincaid is tired of her same expected routine. With her first season quickly approaching and the stress her mother is putting on her for finding a husband, Elizabeth wants nothing more than an escape. Dreaming of an adventure that she knows she will never have, she continues on as always. That is until...

  • Vampire Witch
    958 20 10

    Evangeline Evan must go back into the future to keep the rogue elf, Aiidan, from altering the past and possibly the future. To keep her protected in the 16th century she has to marry Lord Liam Foxe, who is equally opposed to the idea. On her journey she gains loyal friends of the gypsies, peasants and servants of the...

    3.6M 22.2K 31

    High school is hard for most people and for Chloe Miller, this is no exception. She is forced to learn the perils of her choices the hard way and the result leads her to building a steel wall around herself that is impossible to crack. Eventually, her mother loses her job and Chloe is then forced to move in with her...

  • The Princess Wars
    5K 270 6

    Maura Beaumont, the daughter of Sir and Lady Beaumont, is sent off against her will to the neighboring kingdom of Thealith. Here she, along with dozens of other noble maidens, work to gain the love of the handsome Prince Henry. Though, things do not go as smoothly as hoped, not with the crown at stake. "... all is...

  • The Commitment- Book 1 of the Royal Blood Series
    7.5M 107K 53

    Princess Isabella and Prince Connor. They would be together out of commitment to their thrones and country. Isabella would give anything up to please her father. But it comes to a point, when is to much to much? But Connor keeps a secret, a secret which leads to their own destruction.