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  • For Too Long (A Devil May Cry Fanfic)
    3.9K 122 6

    A bit of a deviation from the normal, everyday, Devil May Cry fanfics, but I try to make it amusing and understandable so, bear with me here!

  • The Academy
    607 46 5

    Most teenage girls only have to deal with the basics: school, relationships, sports, parents, etc. But for Molly Harrison (aka Sawyer Carlyle) those problems run red with blood. When Sawyer's life is turned upside down she is placed into the Witness Protection Program and forced to move cross country, losing all ties...

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall
    817 23 4

    The sequel to "Because I Wasn't Insane Enough Already". Chapter dedications are taken seriously, reads are counted, characters have DIMENSION, and points of view switch. LOTS of pairings, including but not limited to Stark x OC, Renji x OC, Grimmjow x OC, Ulquiorra x OC, and Szayel x OC. And more~ This time, it's in...

  • Bleach Me Black
    1.9K 75 9

    Mira is not an ordinary person. She is a two thousand year old Arrancar. Living as a double agent for aizen and Urahara. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. Especially when she meets an orange haired kid named Ichigo. And then she has to deal with old flames. Alot of old flames. Life as Mira Faye is not an ea...

  • .::Oneshots::.
    19.5K 154 14