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  • Things Girls Do
    97.6K 4.4K 28

  • The Wolvacutor (romance)
    3.3K 92 6

    Jennifer Black finds a device in the moss filled attic of her old school called The Wolvacutor. The Wolvacutor transforms Jennifer and a group of her schoolmates (including the school hottie) into wolves where they would have to get back to reality. Stuck in the new world, they must recover The Wolvacutor to get back...

  • Touched
    2.5K 108 8

    The famulus entered the room then. It had white skin that stretched out in odd places and looked foreign, not like the common aliens of today's time. It walked over to where the mother was fighting, moving slowly. "Don't touch my baby," the mother screamed at the alien and she shielded her child. The famulus reached...