LittleTigerLizzi's Reading List

  • Wither
    244K 11.6K

    Werewolves are terrifying-he is terrifying, and I will forever be stuck with him. Do you remember the spooky tales that mommy and daddy used to tell you to k...

  • Heiress Without a Cause
    1.4M 39.2K

    This is the first book in the Muses of Mayfair series, which features a group of women with secret artistic passions as they find love and friendship in Regenc...

  • The Sweetest Death
    96.4K 4.9K

    {Completed} Shoshanna is dead. Well not really but she is now among the undead. Edgar and her may be blood-bonded and deeply in love but that doesn’t make thin...

  • Dark Visions
    154K 7.9K

    {Completed} Tallulah isn’t a normal girl. Since the age of six she’s been able to see the dark side the world has to offer. Demons, ghosts, angels, and monster...

  • The Craving
    52.5K 2.1K

    [Second Draft | To be rewritten once more...] ◆ ◆ ◆ The last thing Kyle remembers is running out of the woods with a screechy voice...

  • Sensual Meets Sinister (Rated R) Adult Perspective
    2.8M 39.2K

    "You've already tasted my blood," I said rolling my eyes at them. "Your not sucking me dry right now are you? You're in control." The twins gave a small smile...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luciano
    2.1M 89.6K

    Liam Luciano is one of the most feared men in all the world. At the young age of 18, he inherited the family name. 10 years later, the Luciano name is well kno...

  • Icarus (Book 1 of the Reincarnate Series)
    380K 18.8K

    Highest ranking: #2 in Vampire "Vampires are the prime species, my dear. They rule all Weres." he states, voice like satin over ink. "And what does that make...

  • Now & Forever (Love Me, #2) [COMING THE WINTER OF 2015]
    267 7


  • What Vincent Wants #Wattys2015
    4.4M 151K

    #Wattys2015 - Small town girl Daphne Dennings lost her virginity at sixteen. No one else knows about it except for her childhood best friend. After randomly ho...