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  • The Book Of Justin
    475 87 20

    A collection of short poems, thoughts, wordplay, and dreams.

  • sunshine
    7.9K 412 25

    /// a story about two misguided teens; a stubborn boy and a displaced girl.

  • Butterflies Don't Lie
    998K 5.4K 35

    16 year old magazine quiz junkie, Kelsey Sinclair will spend her summer waiting tables and(hopefully) seducing her secret crush, Blaine Mulder, but a hidden phobia and dare devil kitchen guy are about to mess up her perfectly laid out plans. This book is available in paperback or ebook! Amazon (Canada) http://www.ama...

  • Night Shift (Night Shift series #1)
    1.5M 33.7K 52

    At Willard's department store none of the night security guards survive for long and eighteen-year-old Daniel Gale is about to discover why. NOW AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK AND EBOOK! Amazon (US)

  • You're My Guardian Angel
    8.9K 289 27

    Dillon Smith was your regular teenage guy, but he soon learns that in one second everything you know could change. When Dillon wakes up in a strange room with a strange little girl watching him, he realizes that the inevitable has happened. Now, Dillon has to come to terms with his own death and try to find himself in...

  • Sacrificial Love (Completed)
    6.5K 170 53

    Jason, a handsome perfectionist made stoic and hard to reach by a death sentence from a stranger claiming all the family fortune. Charity, a cheerful and hopeful lady weakened by the reality of her sickness. She came into his life without warning, becoming part of a nostalgic and lonesome memory. Fate lets them cross...

  • Book One - In Love With Mr Wilson (Student / Teacher Relationship - completed)
    613K 1.5K 5

    Book One in The Price of Love Series Emily Reichelt is in her last year of High School. She is a straight A student and on her way to graduating with the highest grades of everyone. One particular teacher is trying to make her fail and he will do anything to make it happen. With only 2 months of school left, Emily is...

  • James Mandarin
    63.9K 4.1K 48

    “Everyone has secrets." James has a problem; he cuts himself. He is in love with his best friend, Chloe, but is too afraid to tell her. His father is attracted to the bottle, and his mother wears fake diamond rings on her finger. James' world is crumbling. The razor is his only companion and the slits on his thig...

  • Wattpad's Dirty Little Secrets
    1.2M 58.9K 80

    "OMG your work is so fugly." "Can that bitch even write?" "She wrote what?" "Oh gurl, hold me back." "Have you even seen a story so bad, you just want to like, die?" "I'm the baddest bad bitch on Wattpad. Bow down bitches!" "Follow me, read, comment and vote on all the chapters of my story, or else I'll kill my family...

  • Book Two - Just Enjoying My Life.... Right? (Completed)
    86.5K 2.5K 34

    Book Two of The Price of Love Series (Book One is titled 'In Love With Mr Wilson') Entering a new relationship, a serious one at that, is an exciting but scary time. This is something Emily learns a month into her relationship with Sam. After fighting for him in school, she finally wins the teacher. At first it was f...

  • Flesh
    243K 1.5K 1

    Pearl’s a recluse - she hasn’t left the house in twenty years (no one knows why), and her cousin Eve has avoided her for years. But now Pearl’s mother dies, Eve makes a condolence visit, and Pearl spills out her secret: A wildly passionate relationship she had with a mysterious man one freezing winter’s day. The roman...

  • Discovering Spencer
    206K 5K 33

    At the start of a new school year 16 year old Spencer Bennett finds herself lost. She had lost most of her friends over the summer and was no longer on speaking terms with her best friend Chloe. She befriends Quinn Stewart, the bad girl of her High school and with Quinn's help she sets out to go after the guy she like...

  • Recollection Of Questionable Events
    8K 444 16

    Araceli Torre is a all the crazy situations she gets involved in are quite puzzling. Unfortunately being good at school doesn't equate common sense, and that leads her into all sorts of problems. But none of it happened overnight and it really wasn't that unexpected. In fact, if anyone had been payin...

  • Con Artist Legacy
    22.3K 913 28

    Olivia is the only sane person in her family…well relatively speaking. When the death of her grandfather sparks chaos in her family, it seems like only she can fix everything. But what to tackle first? Her crazy grandmother intent on joining a circus as a fortune teller, her ditsy cousin who is currently dating the...

  • Confessions of a Bitch
    223K 8.2K 64

    "Bad girls have more fun." At least, that's what Amanda thought. Being the most feared and hated student in Belfast High, definitely had its perks and invincibility was one of them. However, when paired with the not-so-charming David Walker, the keeper and broadcaster of everyone's dirty laundry for a media projec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Illusive Dreams (ENDED)
    7K 206 30

    They say love prevails over everything yet it has brought nothing but misery to my life. Love wasn’t strong enough when lust overtook it and changed a man who was gentle and kind and loving. Love couldn’t bring courage to a mother, who feared being a widow more than preventing a forced marriage upon her daughter. ...

  • Forever and Beyond
    1K 41 11

    A NOVEL IN THREE VOICES. I was her best friend. I was her boyfriend. I was her fiance. But why did I lose her to the person I thought she already forgot? ------------------------------------------------ I didn't like her from the time she confessed to me in high school, but THAT happened and fate forced me into her li...

  • The Girlfriend Experience
    625K 15.1K 26

    Break-ups are hard, so when Rhiannon Penrose swears off guys after her own devastating breakup with her long term boyfriend, she couldn't have felt anymore down. After years of letdowns, High school nobody Ethan Wallace was looking to find his first girlfriend despite the fact that he's never been kissed. So when Eth...

  • The Hollywood Waitress
    73.6K 2.5K 32

    Meet Jennifer Flynn ~ an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams! She longs to become Hollywood's next 'big thing' and won't stop until she gets there. The problem is she can barely get an audition never mind an Oscar.. Just about scraping by on her parent's weekly allowance, she finds herself waitressing in a greasy...

  • Stargirl of the Edge
    3.1K 108 73

    Stargirl of the Edge is an educational, inspirational coming-of-age story aimed at YA, mainly female learners worldwide, especially in China. It tells the story of Olivia, a 17 year old A level student who lives near the mystical hill in Cheshire, Alderley Edge. It aims to inspire people to think, explore and imagine...

  • Always the Bride
    1.1M 20.3K 47

    A Wattpad featured story. I was just an ordinary girl-independent, a lover of life, easy-going, a girl who took everything in her stride-then I got my heart broken. Then I met Gregory. Then I got married. Then.... my entire life became one big, complicated mess. I didn't intend for it to get this out of control. But h...

  • New York Girl (formerly known as Maple Street)
    65.5K 1.4K 29

    After fleeing the church on the morning of her wedding – Lucy Frizzell is desperate to change her altar – dodging ways. So she makes another life -changing decision. Clutching only a passport and a one-way ticket - she hops on a plane and heads for New York! And it's not long before she's sipping Mojitos with New Yor...

  • Kindergarten Besties
    47.1K 1.8K 40

    Rayne Taylor and Randy Thompson were best friends. When Randy moved to California while they were kids, they never thought they would see each other again. Throughout their separate lives, they both went through major changes, but one thing never changed-- their memories with each other. When Rayne and Randy come back...