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  • Tender - A Disney-esque Adventure for Adults
    476K 25.4K 25

    A romantic fantasy for anyone who ever dreamed of being a Disney Princess. Overly-emotional Misty has been cast as the voice of the Unnamed Princess in the newest animated smash-hit movie - which is causing a huge buzz for its M-rating and sex scene. But a horrific car accident catapults Misty from her world and lan...

  • The Tempting Apple [COMPLETED]
    3.2M 58.3K 50

    Melinda Beaumont is the girl at school who simply doesn't give a damn. The one who doesn't care what people think. With a bold personality and somewhat of a troublemaker, her life is fun and carefree. Just as she likes it. So when the new "oh so hot" teacher walks in through the doors she thinks nothing of it. Sure, t...

  • Books I Can Never Put Down
    268K 1.7K 53

    The first book you read here is memorable. The book you will probably read more than once and the book that will get you hooked from the first page. But don't know how to find the right one or maybe just don't have the time? That's where I come. On here I have put books recommend by me and the Wattpad country. Book t...

  • Queen of Spades (House of Cards Series 1) [Student/Teacher Relationship]
    11.2M 190K 44

    {For those who HATE student/teacher stories, TRY THIS ONE ANYWAYS. I dare you to read it and say it was a waste of time} Alice 'Ace' Spade had fled her horrible foster family by the time she was sixteen and found a way to survive by dancing in a sleazy strip club. One night a man named Malcolm is brought in by his fri...

  • The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) Bk 2
    3.2M 89.8K 29

    What would you do if you were the Beta of a wolf pack and your mate was not only human, but had no idea you were his mate. On top of that, he was homophobic? Thomas is the Beta in this situation and this is his predicament. How far will he go to get Grady to accept him and how much does he risk losing in the process...

  • He is my mate
    123K 828 14

    *FINAL EDITS BEING MADE* Previously known as 'He's a jerk, an emo and werewolf, did i mention im his mate?' Anna-Beth Taylor is the new fierce girl at Knighting Gale High, she's got a good sense of humor, nice almost the 'perfect' girl, so what happens when she's put...

  • Good Girls Are Bad Girls That Don't Get Caught
    3M 43.8K 75

    Gwen Matthews is a quick-witted, feisty 17-year-old girl, the exact thing Kyle Reece- the son of the fourth richest man in the world hates. She's rude, irrational and doesn't accept defeat, especially to a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed god who is under the impression the world revolves around him. He's arrogant, im...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vs Model Undercover ( editing)
    565K 4.1K 19

    Update: currently as someone who is outspoken or human rights and lgbtq rights and etc I've been shocked and upset from what the VS has said although I should of know considering they burn their clothes instead of donate to women shelters or homeless shelters from fear of how it makes their brand look. Straight to the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me Like You Mean It
    1M 16.3K 27

    Sid Mattews had a hard life ever since she was born. She isn't the best looking shewolf, she's slightly overweight but does that bother Sid? No, but what happens when her brother's best friend and also the soon to be Alpha, Stark WInters, calls her ugly? Why do she and her wolf feel offended by his words? They never c...

  • Love Elevator
    2.8M 29.2K 28

    Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and he was trying to find his mate. He was intrigued by Libby and he ran after her to the elevator. Then the elevator stopped working. They were stuck! W...

  • The Alpha Vs. Me
    469K 9.8K 46

    When Chloe Watson moves to her new school she never expected to be rejected by her mate, kidnapped or abused. So what happens when she finds out it was her mates fault that she was? Will she be able to accept him? Or will she reject him when the tables turn and he wants her?

  • My Werewolf,His Mate.
    2M 28.3K 18

    "I needed you!" She yelled, staring up at him with tears streaming down her face. 'I needed you and you weren't there!" He just stared, his hand trembling as he held onto her cheek tightly."You didn't save me.." She whispered weakly,broken. He roared.

  • My Mate. My Hero.
    112K 1.6K 26

    When Jess gets lost in the woods, she finds a boy called Kyle. He's a wolf and also her mate. The problem is, Jess is scared of him. She never knew wolves existed. Join Kyle and Jess on their journey of love, terror and a murderous ex boyfriend.

  • Hit The Road Jack
    86.9K 1.2K 4

    And he goes boinking my sister... the nerve. (For matured audience only or well, read at your own risk if you are under 18)

  • Yes Sir! (Slow Updates & Edits)
    4K 47 12

    How suddenly you start getting the flutters in your stomach at the sight of the most beautiful person you have even seen. How can you keep away when they are always around. Lexi was just a normal school girl who was thrown into a world of lust and lies all because she fell for the one person she shouldn't.

  • Desire
    94.3K 2.2K 12

    It’s been twenty years since Katrina and Blaze finally had the chance to settle down and declare love for eachother. Being blessed with four sons three years into their marriage, they longed for a daughter, which the spirits gifted them with a year later. Only one problem, their daughter is everything her mother isn’t...

  • Scars forever
    1.3M 16.4K 37

    ** Completed but not edited** Lyka was a certified loser. She was the most badly treated she wolf in her pack just because of her bigger size. She loved the idea of mates and was waiting for her mate to come and save her from her sad life. Unfortunately, she discovered that the person who was one of those bullies was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mate or Mates? (Watty Awards 2011)
    3.2M 36.5K 61

    Ana is a shy girl with only one friend and is a no one with a colourful language and not in the way you think! Like every other girl, she has a crush on one of the schools popular boys, Scott, who is your typical highschool flirt. When they touch eveything changes. Scott takes an interest in Ana and says she is his ma...

  • Him and Me.
    20M 189K 60

    Kayla Johnson has lived a good high school life. She is relatively liked by everyone, and she tries to be nice and civil to everyone in return. Besides with Tyler Simmons, Kayla has never found true friendship though. When a certain green-eyed boy ruffled her feathers the first day he set foot on her school, the ice p...

  • Rejected then un-rejected (Slowly Editing)
    792K 11.5K 35

    Marie used to be so in love with Kyle, the thing is Kyle did not know she existed. They were child-hood best friends because their parents were best friends until she moved at the age of five. When she came back at fifteen it seemed Kyle did not remember their friendship. He was the schools popular jock and soon to be...

  • My Better Half.
    39.5K 965 19

    Jasmine is a full blooded werewolf who hasn't turned yet because she hasn't found her mate. She goes to a school in Wolf Creek, which is crawling with teenage werewolves, but none of the boys at the school are her mate. What will happen when the new boy Nathaniel starts at her school? Will they fall in love? Who will...

  • The Boy with the Reindeer
    1.6M 19K 35

    PREVIOUSLY "I thought Santa was supposed to be old...and you're, well, hot!!" I used to think Santa was an old man with a white beard, rosy red cheeks and a chubby was I wrong?!

  • Summer Solstice
    5.4M 37.4K 55

    Falling in love is hard to do when no one will even look at you, and those that do hurry to look away. Andrea is a seventeen year old girl who has always wished for a sense of belonging, but being only half native to her tribe sets her apart from everyone else. And the other townspeople of Wapatau seem to avoid her...

  • Amnesia Is Not A Bad Thing.
    80.8K 800 15

    "i'm not rejecting you, Minzi. i just don't want you... " that's rejecting me. "..right now." he said, emotions less. my heart was starting to break because of this, it felt like someone had it in their hand and squeezing it tightly, taking the life out me. "your just not my type.." he went on, i watch his every more...

  • That Butt Naked Godly Being With A Lovely Six Pack.
    10.6M 252K 51

    After the mother of Corinne (Corey) Tyson, falls victim of a fatal wolf attack, Corey's father becomes extremely paranoid when Corey is out wandering the woods after the sun sets. With her father's extremely vocalized hatred of the wolves that wander the darken woods, Corey feels ashamed that she is fascinated by a w...

  • The Lone Wolf
    9.4K 218 13

    A wild story of a wearwolf trying to find her mate and dealing with forces bigger than herself.

  • I'm In Love With My Sisters Boyfriend
    18.1K 278 12

    Seventeen Year Old Kourtney Evers has a problem. What problem might you ask? Its quite simple really. She is in love with her Sisters boyfriend. Actually, not so simple.

  • A Proscriptive Relationship
    49M 599K 71

    Holly's new, young teacher has a dark past, and a dangerous future. She soon finds herself charmed by his ways, and gets thrown into the chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome? As Holly and Mr. Heywood grow closer, more questions about his past come upon Holly, as does danger. What...