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  • Wicked (Book One of The Cursed Chronicles)
    253K 12.9K 67

    Winner in the 2016 FCRAs "Miraculous Magic" category! Esperance is a medieval land coated in magic and wonder. Heroic princes slay demons and dragons and beautiful princesses slumber beneath curses cast at birth. In this land, fairy tales are normal and every so often, they become entwined in the lives of those around...

  • Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: The Red Riding Hood Arc (A Fairy Tale)
    297K 5.7K 74

    On a journey north to visit her ailing grandmother, Elanore Redley encounters the reclusive Count Wolfram while fleeing a monstrous pursuer. As the mysterious Wolfram draws her into his magic-filled world, her childhood friend Edmund must come to terms with his own feelings towards Elanore and his identity as a hunt...

  • Wolfe || Little Red Riding Hood
    10.5K 395 1

    A mentally unstable girl dreams that a man named Andrew Wolfe is coming to murder her and her diabetic grandmother. She claims to see him in the streets stalking her and in the dark corners of her room keeping watch over her. She won’t be able to elude him forever. Soon, Wolfe will devour her. A red coat. A sick grand...

  • Tales
    194K 2.9K 32

    Imagine waking up in another time, another place, another world, where everyone knows your name. They know your story. They know your happily ever after. But they don't know you. Not even in the slightest. Who would you trust? How would you get home?

  • Hush Little Baby
    10.4K 192 2

    A mother's love knows no bounds. When Kayla's husband brings home divorce and custody papers the carefully erected illusion comes crashing down.

  • The Cinderella Deception
    5K 76 1

    A steampunk fairy tale. It should have been a simple shakedown but when Charming's thugs trashed the Carnival and destroyed Cinders' beloved carousel she swore revenge. But what's a girl to do? With only the help of her Godmother and her ugly stepsisters, Cinderella will have to rely on her wits, her engineering skil...

  • Fractured Fairytales
    45.2K 1.4K 26

    Friendship like theirs only exists in fairytales. Unrealistic stories where Prince Charmings can also be players, where nerds can be sought after by all the knights in the land, and where five girls with absolutely nothing in common can be the best of friends. They were all fractured, undeniably and very obviously so...

  • Not Exactly Romeo & Juliet
    7.2M 239K 36

    ♥ Romeo and Juliet; one of the most well-known romance stories of all time. Forbidden love, dramatic deaths, beautiful poetry; what isn't to love about it? Well, Juliet Callans could give you one reason she doesn't like it - the names of the two people the book is center...

  • The Boy Who Cried Rose
    26.6K 767 4

    A retelling of the old fable 'The Boy who cried Wolf' ;)

  • Cursed
    61.5K 3K 36

    Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a cruel and uncaring lord. There was a good witch who wanted to teach him a lesson. There was a curse and there was a beast. 650 years later, an innocent California girl found herself imprisoned by said beast. The witch had a sister who may or may not be evil and may...

  • The Three Wishes
    24.9K 501 1

    There was once an oppressed member of the proletariat who’d become so sick of his miserable life that he wanted to die. Until he was granted three wishes. But as so often happens in fairy tales, things don’t go entirely to plan . . .

  • The Tale Of Betty Boots (Grimmoire Series)
    7.5K 283 2

    The story of Red Riding Hood receives the fractured treatment in The Tale of Betty Boots. *** Be sure to check out the short film of this story after you've read it! *** UPDATE: Betty Boots has been added to the official @Wattpad "Twisted Classics" reading list! J...