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  • To Be Depressed
    64.3K 4.9K 73

    "If you think about being happy, you'll be happy." "Don't be so pessimistic!" "Everyone else can get through it, why can't you?" "Attention seeker!" You trying feeling like this then, if it's so easy... This is just my views on depression, a "taboo" subject which isn't addressed nearly enough. If you need help underst...

  • Demon (Book 1 of the Immortal Calls series) COMPLETED
    11K 964 43

    *ENTERED IN 2014 WATTYS* Ellie Franklin has always heard monster stories growing up. With the same haunting word: Inferno. Just as she begins to open up and discover what her mother had been hiding, a mysterous death shows up in her town of Trista; which is placed in the middle of the nowhere...

    Completed   Mature
  • Whispers in the Dark [Book One] [Wattpadprize14]
    34.1K 638 31

    Souls.. Do they really leave the earth when they die? Or do some linger? Tyler and his friends love to hunt ghosts. A haunted prison, forsaken, and left to rot, is their next hot spot. Will the terrors awaiting them at this new location be enough to change their minds about the paranormal? The teens will be put to the...

  • Herobrine's Revenge (The Wielder Chronicles Book Two)
    401K 11K 47

    THE WIELDER CHRONICLES BOOK TWO - - "I thought I told you, Nya. Herobrine cannot be destroyed." He smiled manically. "A sword to the stomach certainly can't stop me." - - Nya is back in her hometown, and can finally put her dark past experiences behind her. She's starting a new life in the city, along wit...

  • CyberBully
    101K 2.9K 25

    Kendall Vertes gets a new laptop for her 16th birthday. She's excited, she sets up her accounts and even receives a message from the hottest guy at school. But she doesn't know that everything's about to change now. ~ Inspired on Cyberbully the movie, NOT THE ACTUAL THING, ITS JUST BASED. THIS IS DANCE MOMS FANFICTIO...

  • Tendrils of Darkness
    1.9K 81 14

    A demon encounters Damien one day. He offers some happiness which Damien mocks. He eventually blatantly accepts. What will become of him? Where will all of this lead? These questions can only be answered if you READ.

  • Herobrine's Legacy (The Wielder Chronicles Book Three)
    64.4K 2.6K 19

    THE WIELDER CHRONICLES, BOOK 3. Kai Dare - son of the Fire Wielder, the boy with eyes of flame and power beyond the imagination of many. The Ender Dragon's Child - a girl twisted by hate, vengeance and madness; a girl who will do anything to fulfil her mission to gain what the Dragon ordered her to bring back - The Da...

  • A thief's nightmare (Book 1 * On hold * Unedited) Wattys2015
    11K 1.2K 24

    From birth, Laylin has been trained in thievery and fighting. She was raised to become the perfect citizen, in a society of thieves. Now, at the age of 17, she is one of the best. It is the only thing she knows and she does it with pride. But when she gets used to steal a magical item her whole life changes. She can n...

    5K 67 1

    The REAL story of hunting HeroBrine.