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  • The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay
    3.2M 73.5K 46

    Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her mansion of a house. She doesn't know how to tell if people are friends with Grace, or Grace's money, and all she really wants is a fresh start. So she decid...

  • Let Me Be Your Wings
    17K 378 17

    King Galbatorix shrinks his only daughter as punishment for helping the Varden. As she goes on an incredible journey, she falls in love with Eragon. Can they sustain their love, or will her curse keep them from ever truly being together?

  • The Girl with the Heart Scar (A Fred Weasley Love Story)
    515K 7.4K 36

    Aria Stevens's life got turned upside down when the Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange killed her parents. Now, she's living with the Weasleys and trying to cope with the death. She starts dating Draco Malfoy and her nightmares start going away. But after a game of tag, she starts falling for Fred Weasley and isn't sure...