xXLiveEvilXx's Reading List

  • Sad, Beautiful, Tragic
    189 6

    Madison is the intriguingly mysterious neighbor of Alex Gaskarth and he is determined to figure her out. One early Wednesday morning the tragic love story of M...

  • me without you // a.g
    3.1K 153

    ❝ Oh, you always seem to let me down. ❞ Two years later, Alex and Erika have been finally reunited. Even though they have been apart for a long time, they man...

  • Settle Down (Sherlolly fanfic)
    28K 828

    The world thinks that Sherlock Holmes is dead. I mean, he did jump off a rooftop. But when Molly gets an unexpected knock on her door, her life takes a whole n...

  • Just The Way I'm Not
    20.5K 505

    In greek Calista means most beautiful. Not many other people see her this way, especially not in high school - she was just the rich geeky girl. Jack is in...

  • The Makeover
    382K 8.6K

    Rosalie has been teased all her life because she wasn't pretty, and to be honest she never really cared. She went with the flow and if looking like a mess was...

  • There's A Story At The Bottom Of This Bottle {Zack Merrick} ON HOLD
    4.9K 157

    Maria Lawson, or Mary as she prefers to be called, goes on tour with her best friend, Zack and his band, All Time Low. They've been friends for almost 11 years...

  • Manage Me I'm A Mess (All Time Low Fanfic)
    93.8K 2.1K

    Alex and Jules have been best friends for years. They know everything thing about each other... except that Jules' new crush and Alex have a past and things ge...

  • Painting Flowers.
    8.4K 356

    Moving away was never something Grace wanted, it was more of a change deemed necessary by her mother. Her once simple life had changed dramatically a year ago...

  • Pen Pal Project [Alex Gaskarth]
    82.6K 2K

    Fifteen year old Charlia has to do a class project. The project? Correspond to a pen pal. Thinking that it would be over email, Charlia and her classmates conc...

  • I Am Still Painting Flowers For You. (Alex Gaskarth)
    76.6K 1.1K

    Alice Barakat, Jack Barakat's "little" sister by an hour, moves back in with Jack and her mom when she finds out that her dad is remarrying her mom. Jack and A...