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  • badass love
    5.1K 30 6

  • Bloodlines
    6.6K 143 7

    Riley Fay grew up believing that, although she had the Alpha gene, she'd never be strong enough to lead her pack, and that she was worthless. Riley, believeing the lies, runs. Runs into pack territory. And that's where the story of Riley Fay ends, and Riley Phoenix begins. Tyler is the Beta of the second most powerful...

  • Coming Back (Complete!!!)
    16.8K 246 15

    When Sakura is betrayed by her bestfriends she and her family move to Suna. 2 years later she is back with her new friends. How well everyone react to the new Sakura? Well Sasuke get her back? Is Gaara in love her? Well Sakura ever forgive them?

  • Mate To The Werewolf Prince? You've Got To Be Kidding Me...
    67.2K 1.4K 3

    Blaze Water was kidnapped by vampires when she was a baby and has been raised by them ever since. She's a special wolf too, and has a few special abiities. But, one day she decides to go explore for ahwile and gets captured by werewolves. But, she never expected to meet the royal family...

  • My Not So Average Life
    127K 1.3K 18

    Riley is known as Scorpion on the streets, one of the best fighters around but only her brother, Lucas and her closest friends know about it. When a new fighter moves into town he challenges her in more than just the ring. Will she be able to keep her secret and come out as champion or will she lose it all? Big th...

  • My mate wears superman boxers.
    363K 5K 18

    Nina is a werewolf. She loves to be free and wild and is her own person. But what happens whens she finds her mate and isnt the guy she wanted? And instead is a badboy player who dumps girls like a tissue on the side of the road. Will he change so he can be with her? will nina let him be in her life? laugh and cry whi...

  • The Sweetest Tongue Has the Sharpest Tooth
    24.8K 570 17

    Hayleigh Holiday is... an individual. She plays by her own rules... seeing as everything is a game with her. She would get along perfectly well with her twin brother Danny if it weren't for the fact that he had the most awful taste in friends. Jake Cross isn't too fond of Hayleigh Holiday, but what can a guy do when y...

  • I'm Back, and Bad
    15.3K 327 7

    Scarlett Johnson used to be the fat unpopular girl, but when she went to a music academy in England 3 years ago she changed, now she's a kick-ass, no shit bad girl. How will the people from the past face it?

  • A Love That Lasts Forever
    27K 469 16

    Brileigh has had feelings for Tagen for as long as she can remember. She believed he saw her as a sister, until he recently began showing the same feelings she has for him. Weird things start occurring that has Brileigh questioning everything she knew like her parents death. Turns out their death, which was a car a...

  • My Brother's Hot Player of a Best Friend (ON HOLD)
    11.9K 104 6

    Elena is heading into her Junior year at high school. Her older brother Sean, who is a Senior, is constantly around his best friend, Jace. Jace is the Quarterback of the football team, incredibly popular and who could forget, extremely attractive. Jace and Elena have spent their time hating one another, they fight, ar...

  • Should I make him suffer?
    6.8K 121 10

    Echos life is crazy she only wants to be a pretty badass girl with friends and a loving mate... And oh yeah she's a werewolf and she's something else?