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  • WE (The Useless Beings)
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    A society with nothing. Basically. Note: This poem is written 2 years ago for my English class and I just thought of sharing it. I am not calling people 'useless ' or anything. It just only a project I did for English class. Feel free to comment if you'd like and I'll gladly appreciate it. Thank you! Enjoy reading! An...

  • Angst
    4.9K 187 8

    An anthology of my poetry.

  • Haiku {collection}
    1.4K 25 12

    a collection of haiku poems i've written :) enjoy <3

  • Daydream
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    Dreams, the escape we all seek.

  • My Poems and Musings
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    A copyrighted collection of my poetry and lyrics. <3 Thank for the support!

  • Poisoned
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  • My struggle.
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  • Sweet Revenge
    1.8K 102 1

    This must be where I'm supposed to be, this must be what I was supposed to find. Why else would I have decided to walk such a long way to school even though I was running extremely late as it was? I remember not listening to my gut instincts as they ferociously tried to get me to turn back around as I walked further d...

  • My desire
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  • Such A Beautiful Disaster
    3.5K 49 36

    This is the story of Molly. Molly is a beautiful, intelligent, girl who is full of potential. She is loved and admired by many. A girl with many talents, the world is hers for the taking. Unfortunately, all this is lost on Molly as she is deep in the throes of an addiction to a drug she can't seem to shake. After havi...

  • The Ouroboros Lies
    1.4K 52 11

    She had to run. There was no where else to go. They slaughtered her entire family and there was nothing she could do. Merely a child, a child trapped and barely breathing under a pile of bodies Feyan's army had slain mercilessly. Her entire clan had been slain, slain for a betrayal they did not commit and it was up to...

  • Whiskey Tea Cafe
    1.4K 55 3

    When Hakan Kramer opens a tea café in a tourist town, his uncanny ability to match patrons with their favorite teas quickly gains him a loyal customer base, including the renowned rock star Avery Fawns. But as Avery’s interest in Hakan grows, she begins to pull him into her world, one comprised of rock music, the thri...

    14.4K 205 46

    Honest reviews of the chapters entered into 'The Chappie Awards, July 2011'. To be read with a pinch of salt.

  • Weekly Writing Contest
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    This is a weekly competition for my fans. It involves writing a very short piece based on the given theme for a chance to win a dedication, votes, and a recommendation to all my fans.

  • Memories
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  • A Little Bit Ninja
    1.1M 14.2K 37

    Living in a world where the dance team is her kingdom, fashion her passion, and judo her secret pastime, Jade Wright’s life is as close to perfect as it can be without her mom to guide her through the perils of dating and Nordstrom sales—that is, until the day she is forced into a kidnapper’s car. In a matter of minu...