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  • While We Were Dreaming
    549 28 5

    When a stranger visits town, an older and wiser Jacob soon comes to understand the fact that the world is a much bigger place than just the confines of La Push, Washington. After all, if werewolves and vampires exist, what other monsters could be out there? He will learn to embrace the true strength that was meant of...

  • This Life of Mine [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    157K 4K 32

    "Featured in the Official Wattpad @FANFIC Harry Potter Fanfiction Reading List" This life of mine has gotten complicated, and Ginny Weasley's death approaches. Mysterious happenings and life altering secrets mean far more danger lies ahead for the powerful redhead than her choice in boys. Laughter and tears, struggle...

  • Pinned but Fluttering
    2.1M 23.8K 65

    After the death of both of her parents, Bella is left to the care of supposed friends of the family. But the longer she stays in their home, the more sinister events become. Family secrets leave her locked behind closed doors, both literally and metaphorically. And her one long-time ally has suddenly turned against he...

  • You Know You're Obsessed When...
    19.7K 405 4

    Do you have an obsession with a certain series? Not sure? Then these lists will help you determine whether you are indeed obsessed. Disclaimer: Not all obsession symptoms are mentioned in the following lists, nor will the following lists cure obsession in any way. The following is merely an aid in diagnosing severe ca...

  • Evening Star: Edward's Story
    1M 6.3K 56

    What could have happened between Twilight and New Moon? What if we could look at the events of what Bella called her "perfect summer" from Edward's point-of-view? Evening Star shows us what could have happened immediately after Twilight ended and how/why the events in New Moon could have unfolded...with infinite tha...

  • Persuasion
    147K 337 24

    Adapted into a Major Motion Picture (1995) and TV series (2007), this is the ebook version of Jane Austen's classic novel. Anne fell deeply in love with handsome young naval officer Frederick Wentworth at the age of nineteen. But with neither fortune nor rank to recommend him, Anne's family were against the match and...

  • Twilight conversations
    12.8K 391 6

    A collection of Twilight conversations by your favourite characters

  • Harry Potter conversations
    769K 22.6K 60

    A bunch of conversations by all your favourite characters from Harry Potter

  • Still Dawn: The Saga Continues
    4.4M 23.5K 76

    My interpretation of what COULD happen after breaking dawn, I own nothing, Stephenie Meyer owns it all, Any Comments or suggestions gratefully recieved, I'm hoping to upload at least once a day, so please bare with me. Thanks For Reading! Please Join This Storys Page On Facebook, Just Search For Still Dawn: The Sa...

  • It is our choices (A Harry/Severus friendship fic post DH) (Watty Awards 2011)
    197K 3.7K 32

    Snape survives the final battle, but Harry believes him to be dead. What will happen when they meet nineteen years later? Read to find out. Explores the lives of Harry and Severus post Deathly Hallows and how their friendship unfolds.

  • The Prince's Tale (The Story of Lily and Severus)
    1.6K 46 2

    *HARRY POTTER FAN FICTION* Lily Evans and Severus Snape met at a young age and connected over their magical abilities. At age 11, Lily and Severus are put into different houses at Hogwarts. Severus develops feelings for Lily, but Severus' passion for Dark Arts may be too much for her to handle.