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  • Restricted Chapters!
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    WARNING! Rated R for mature content. You must be 18 or older to read the following works.

  • Everything For You (18+ Mature)
    712K 11.2K 41

    If you're averse to such profanities, this story is not for you. The story contains graphic and explicit scenes that are only suited for mature readers. 18+ for language, smut, and adult contents. When you love someone, you will give everything. You will do everything for that person, either the outcome would...

  • Sir (Mature Content)
    28.1K 286 2

    Her skin was smooth and flawless, her body fresh and untamed. She was perfection to him, and he couldn't wait to claim her entire being and make her his little pet. - Rated R (mature content) - Sub/Dom relationship

  • Give it to Me Rough (MATURE CONTENT 18+)
    903K 4.9K 5

    “More! More!” I beg. My body craves this like a drug addict in withdrawal. I try to raise my bare hips to meet him, but the ropes dig into my flesh, rubbing and tearing the skin. “I don’t think you can handle more,” Thomas says. I whimper. “Please, Sir. Please give me more.” “That’s it, baby, beg for me,” he answer...

  • Falling for my Stepbrother/Teacher
    8.6K 127 1

    Seventeen year old Cora Forrest's dad remarried to a slightly annoying lady. Then, they force her and her twin brother, Corey, to split up when they get custody of the twins. Cora goes to live with Adrian, or Mr.Cocky, while Corey stays with their dad. Not to mention mr.Cocky is totally hot, her stepbrother, and her t...

  • BFs: Bestfriend or Boyfriend?
    121K 531 27

    cause a guy and a girl can be just friends. But at one point or another, they will fall for eachother. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time. Maybe too late, or maybe forever... What will Jules do when she realizes this has happened to her? She thinks it's better to ignore that feeling, not risk the friendship...

  • My Un-wanted Ex-Boyfriend
    10.9K 125 6

    Kaycee is a normal teenager,, like any other girl she has an amazing boyfriend named Darren. He's hot, and is going to be her first heartbreak. When she finds out her "Man" cheated on her she decides she cannot trust anyone, But when her life is twisted with, games,love,tears, and even death.. .. .. she finds herself...

  • The Teacher Is A Bad Ass [Student/Teacher Love Story]
    926K 14.6K 17

    What would you do if your teacher hit on you at Starbucks? What would you do if your next door neighbor was that same teacher? What would you do if he's a total jack ass who wanted you but won't admit it? Meet Christina Williams she refuses to date anyone and give up her virginity. Because of her father she's put a...

  • [OLD VERSION] Game,Set,Match. (student/teacher)-
    2.2M 28.3K 32

    17 year old Kelly had come to the conclusion that her love life was never going to be the exciting whirlwind she hoped. She had given up trying to find “love” and responded to the admiring stares of her fellow male students the only way she knew how. She was the ultimate player. The abrupt arrival of her dashing n...

  • Forget Hollywood, I Just Want Her
    3.8K 119 8

    Easton West. Gorgeous actor. Aven Hill. Normal girl. 17 year old Aven is used to her normal life. School, her best friend Ebony, and girls around her OBSESSED with the Easton West. She admits he's hot, but never expects to meet him. One day she does. What happens when the Hollywood mongol begins to fall for the Florid...

  • I've Got a Crush On You
    120K 721 31

    a clichéd tale of firsts

  • Diary of a Superstar's crush
    28.5K 291 16

    Elle Hathaway is an average, never-been-kissed high school student together with her bestfriends, Zuri and Gab. However, the norms of her life would completely change when the worldwide famous and drop dead gorgeous boyband J.A.D.E. arrives in her school and Elle became their human map. With four superstars for friend...

  • Sleeping With The Billionaire
    229K 4K 22

    28 year old Martin Carter is a self-made billionaire. He's made his business through computers and sleeping around. Nothing has gotten in his way as he ventures to reach the top. No woman. No child. No other man. Society was falling to their knees at the very mention of him. Unfortunately, that was the old Martin. Th...

  • I am appointed by a Billionaire to be his Heir's Girlfriend
    1.3M 27.3K 38

    Athena Vanderbilt is a wallflower, a shadow behind her bestfriend. But timid as she may be, she dared to do something no one would ever take the risk: to humiliate the popular Nate Van Warner, the heir of the richest man in New York. Now what would happen if Nate's father made a deal with her: 500000$/month to be his...

  • Come Back To Me (Previously No Friends Just Benefits) [EDITING]
    1.8M 43.8K 22

    NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE AND IBOOKS! ---------------------- Meet Jason Henderson. A 21 year old hopeless romantic. Playing with girls hearts just doesn't seem right. They're people, not toys. And then there's Charlotte Ferguson: a simple 17 year old with a burning hatred for love. It's polluting the air she brea...

  • Never Have I Ever
    22.1M 311K 32

    Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than he can carry. Aria immediately dislikes him. But the line between hate and love is very thin, and a continuous game of Never Have I Ever may change everything.

  • Nerd by Day, Model by Night
    47.5K 741 5

    "Have you ever gotten the "best of both worlds"? And, no, not the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus version. I have." Layla Sky Valentine is Summers High School's own, personal nerd. She's the sterotypical type of nerd, with the frizzy hair, thick glasses, horrid clothes, and mostly socially awkward. That is until a camer...

  • The Footballer and The Model.
    49.8K 771 7

    Saffron has been in love with Joel from as long as she first saw him. Joel is her best-friend and a year older than she is. When Saffron turns 14 Joel asks her to be his girlfriend. Fast-Forward 5 years and (For no reason.) Joel brakes up with Saffron. Devastated and broken Saffron moves to America. That is where she...

  • The Model Next Door
    394K 6K 32

    Emilia moves to a new place, new apartment and a freedom she'd never experienced before. Gladly accepting the new change she sets out to be friends with the neighbors, except for the one next door... She is content and happy until an earth breaking tragedy enters her life...leaving Emilia shattered and to fend for he...

  • Free Falling (SAMPLE ONLY)
    1.7M 11.8K 7

    **** This is a sample only!! The story is being published on 15th May 2013 so I am not allowed to leave the full version up on Wattpad*** <3<3 Kirsty They say that your school years are supposed to be the best years of your life, and that you should make the most of them because you’ll miss them when you’re all grow...

  • Dont say a word.. [EDITING]
    4.6K 101 7

    Fear and temptation run a thin line when it comes to freedom and secrets. Lizzy Sion's had a great life; She was pretty and popular, but not stuck up. She tended to stay away from the 'In-crowd' but she was still loved by all and hated by none. So what happens when there is one person who is set on destroying you...

  • I Won't Give Up
    217K 1K 20

    He walked in a slow but casual way. Dressed in the male school uniform, tan pants, white oxford shirt, red and yellow tie, and a navy blue jacket, the very muscular boy looked up. Suddenly, our gazes locked. His green eyes immediately pierced into mine, as if seeing through everything. I shuddered and turned around. "...

  • The Secret Life of a Pornstar (Student/Teacher) [Forbidden Series: Book 5]
    105K 889 13

    Whilst on her sisters bachelorette party, Esmee meets a very handsome stripper/ porn star who just so happens to be the biggest jerk she had ever met. But, over the course of the small holiday, she finds herself falling for him as he does her until she leaves with the memories of a brilliant holiday and 'small' romanc...

  • Playing With Fire (Re-done)
    1.6K 47 4

    What happens to Laura when she falls for the school's gorgeous guy? Might sound cliche but you would be so wrong. Wilson (Wilo) does not want anything to do with her, Wilo can't see Himself settling down with a partner now or years to come and is very firm about what he wants. How do Laura deal with the situation of...

  • We're Seniors, Baby!
    3.8K 117 7

    Piper is in her senior year in high school, and she is determined to make the most of it. Meeting the first cute guy who seemed pretty interested in her and hanging with her friends sounds pretty awesome, no? But when people she trusts turn out to be total opposites of what they make themselves out to be, and friendsh...

  • Going All The Way With Mason Blake
    166K 2K 36

    Popularity comes with a price…And Alex is a virgin with a problem. The Situation: Romantic complications arise when a girl is driven to lose her virginity to the only person she’s ever turned to: her best friend- the notorious Mason Blake. *There is basically no sexual content even though the title might suggest othe...

  • Elevator Music
    2.7M 68K 33

    What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with Hollywood's hottest sensation? Well, you certainly wouldn't fight with him over baseball, like Addie Clark would... Elevator Music is a story about coming-of-age, love, and acceptance. It follows Addie Clark, a compulsive liar who pushes everyone away from her...

  • Best-Friends With Benefits (Under Reconstruction)
    24.1M 334K 52

    Conner Rogers: Hot, athletic, and popular, with an ego the size of the Empire State Building. Selena Rider: Clumsy, uncoordinated-and-most-definitely-not-athletic, and sarcastic, with an unfortunate affinity for making self destructive life decisions. Against all odds, Selena and Conner have remained best friends long...