• Horus Series Book 3: Taming a Stubborn Mate (MxM)
    419K 15.6K

    Rhyvalon Ansgar is the king of the vampire nation Sangdara. In appearance he is the epitome of fashion and his mannerisms are dictated by the highly moralistic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Paper Hearts [BoyxBoy] [MPreg]
    691K 23.9K

    {The following contains Male Pregnancy and is not suitable for young audiences} *New cover by the amazing Klovis* I need to write out a new summary but un...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fiery Icy Hate (Book 2) (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    45.6K 1.3K

    ** Not necessary to read the first book ** COMPLETED!!! Synopsis: Aden and Martin were both brought up, believing to hate each other. But fate goes out of i...

  • Vamporia (boyxboy)
    43.5K 1K

    I couldn't stop the beat of my already dead heart as he embraced me for the first time. Was I truly his mate? If I didn't think so before, I knew now. His skin...

  • Horus Series Book 1: His Majesty's Mate (BxB)
    696K 21.6K

    Ryker Orion Hunter was a normal sixteen year old kid until he was forced to stay with his supposedly distant cousin, Zorien. Zorien was insufferable, stubborn...

  • Baby Daddy :) Wait... Mommy...? (BxB) [COMPLETED]
    624K 22.2K

    Lucca is a boy who attends a private California boarding school. He is a regular quiet tenth grader who does his homework and regularly studies for upcoming ex...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saigon (Book 4)
    494K 18.1K

    -Demon Series, Book 4- Saigon returns to Northern Ridge a full grown werewolf. But, he arrives with mixed feelings. Ones that he prays will have disappeared w...

  • Fiery Icy Love (Boyxboy) (Completed)
    308K 9.4K

    COMPLETED!!! Synopsis: Aidan Thorpe’s life took an ultimate turn for the worse when he burnt down his house. Something from his closet had made him do it as...

    2.9M 53.1K

    Sam and Cam are the Harrisons’ twins and like to share their girls, Sam likes his girls thick and sweet while Cam likes his girls thick and feisty. One thing...

    Completed   Mature