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  • My Tribal Girl
    1K 59 7

    When Heather and Paul Presley found Rayne in the woods seventeen years ago they were surprised. Even more so when they found out she was a werewolf. Growing up with eight siblings isn't easy, especially when your so "unique". What twists are in store for the Presley family as they move from the city to a small town su...

  • I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend
    16.4M 214K 44

    Was Originally: My parents sold me, to my dead brother new best friend. My brother disappeared when I was eight, after a while we just assumed that he was dead. On my eighteenth birthday my life fell apart as my dead brother turned out to be not dead at all. What's worse was that my parents did something that I will...

  • His love changed me (Book I)
    7.3M 42.5K 40

    (UNDER EXTREME CONSTRUCTION) That one party, that one night, changed it all. Caydee Mitchell was a rebellious, sexy, party girl, she had no care in the world, that was until HE showed up, he's the soon to be state alpha, he wanted his mate to be perfect, he wanted her to be untainted.

  • The Stripper ✔️
    11.4M 222K 42

    She's the girl who uses her body to entertain men, she's the girl who gets cash inside her underwear. She has special reasons to get naked in front of dozens of men. One night, after one meeting with a misterious boy, her life will change.

    Completed   Mature
    3.7M 24.5K 31

    High school is hard for most people and for Chloe Miller, this is no exception. She is forced to learn the perils of her choices the hard way and the result leads her to building a steel wall around herself that is impossible to crack. Eventually, her mother loses her job and Chloe is then forced to move in with her...

  • One is Enough For Me
    1M 13.3K 25

    Lila is a 17 year old girl who is abused and raped. she's also a werewolf and see's only one way out of her horrible life. Die or escape.Sam is the alpha of the pack in the forest behind Lila's house. After living 7 years being abused and raped Lila is wants out. But the question is how will she get out and will Sam...

  • Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete
    7.9M 90.6K 34

    For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking himself in the shroud of darkness he carefully bided his time. The monumental day that he had been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived—the d...

  • Childhood Lovers
    7.3M 95.3K 36

    Hayden and Chase were best friends up to the age of seven. Then, Chase moved away to California. The summer going into senior year, Hayden is invited to stay at Chase's house. But, the two of them soon see they barely know each other anymore and time has changed them. And they see that reconnecting with each other isn...

  • I'm your bloody friggin' mate? You got to be joking...
    3.2M 59.1K 37

    Abby has a secret... After moving into the new town she finds herself in the surroundings of werewolves and one of the werewolves find her intriguing...

  • Lollipop Girl
    56.7K 527 22

    Her name is Bubble and in four day is her 16th birthday. In four days, she is going to shift into a wolf. Not just any wolf but a powerful wolf. Bubble is going to shift into the royal blue wolf. On the day of the royal blue moon. Not only has she just shifted into her wolf but she just been rejected by her mate. Now...

  • I lost my virginity to my teacher?! ((TeacherxStudent))
    7.3M 68.5K 54

    Sophie Wittgren was always the good girl. High grades, nice personality, never bad, etc, etc. But when she turns 16 years old, she wants to break free of that habit. And the last party of summer is the perfect place to break out of your "good girl" skin. But will things go too far with a complete stranger? And will t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Truth...or Dare?
    60.3K 789 20

    Taylor Watson has been ALL volleyball ALL the time. As a senior, she is captain of the Varsity volleyball team and has high hopes for her team this year. This is her year, this is her time to shine. She has to be focused on the season and on training. But, what happens when Jason Daniels, Taylor's twin brother's best...

  • Surviving the Andersen Brothers
    7.5M 101K 41

    My name is Jasmine Clark and my life is set for a drastic change when Social Services learn of the neglect my mother inflicted on me after my father's untimely demise. I am taken away from my home and sent to live with an old friend of my father's; James Andersen, his wife, Lilly, and their seven sons. Living in a hou...

  • Until I Met Jason Chase
    121K 1.5K 24

    Tegan Jane Miller is beautiful, intelligent, understanding. She's the kind of girl guys could easily fall in love with, the only problem is she doesn't talk. Not since the "accident". Its made her guarded, scared. Don't get me wrong, Tegan can talk. She chooses not to, she locks away her secrets so no one can hurt her...

  • Who's to Say I Wasn't Perfect? (ON HOLD)
    11.2K 250 19

    Who's to say I wasn't perfect? Oh yeah, me. To the world, I was a shy, intelligent, modest 13 year old that kept to herself. To my friends, I was a spazzy, loving, caring, outgoing brainiac that cherished what she had, and never let jealousy grab her by the heart. To my teachers, I was their dream student. Straight A'...

  • Their Paid Girl
    26M 373K 47

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to send to their parents... Shawna's pretty much seen it all. But no matter what they pay her for, everything she does has one common factor: it's all fake...

  • My Mate's My Brother!
    541K 8.5K 44

    Schuyler Blue moves to England for her mother;s job. she left behind her old life to enter a total new world. Her mom never told her that she got remarried and she's going to have a stepbrother. Schuyler doesnt know that her stepdad and stepbrother seem to have a secret that only some people know. Christopher is the...