esoteric918's Reading List

  • The Orsini Bride
    15.9M 380K

    “I need you to find me a bride.” Francesca Marcolini never expected that the day will come when the handsome devil who nagged her at every opportunity they had...

  • The Sweetest Secret (Sons of Worthington - book 4)
    157K 4.7K

    Tabitha Paget has a secret that society should never discover. She especially doesn’t want one certain man to know because she fears it might bind them closer...

  • Mine, Bitten
    2.8M 93.3K

    For years, Lilith “Lily” McDermott was kept in the dark from the McDermott family secret. Now, her estranged father has asked that she join him on an exploit...

  • Vengeance Upturned
    98.1K 3.6K

    When Henrietta's twin brother was killed, she vowed to avenge his death. Four long and lonely years later, Henrietta is still on the hunt, killing any bandit...

  • Their Pride
    4.1M 55.1K

    Alexandria was on her own when her parents died, but thankfully she was taken in. She thought she was like the others growing up, but the only problem she had...