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  • Bewitched
    76 9 4

    Violetta Munioz has just started a new chapter in her life-university. Studying Psychology at Rosenhand University, Violetta is determined to start anew. Away from her old life, old self, and old wounds, living with her Grandmother and Tia Roselinda instead. Violet wants to change, she wishes for change, but that's ha...

  • Come Say Hello, My Dear
    361 120 13

    Well why don't you, dearie? Updates on my creative endeavors + writing, life, and music tips + chatting with anyone who happens by, just so folks who wonder know what I'm up to and that I haven't vanished... like so many others... muah ha ha... Imma spooky! :333333

  • Trials and Tribulations
    4.5K 354 15

    Life in the BAU is far from easy, especially for Emily Prentiss. Follow the journey of her career and friendship with the team and her confusing relationship with unit chief Aaron Hotchner.

  • Fuck This Shit, I'm Out!
    1.4K 35 2

    Achievements 🥈2nd Place Winner in The Elixir Awards 🥉3rd Place in The Galaxy Awards 2020 Sixteen-year-old Ava Black has her whole life turned upside down when her first love, Vincent Parker, makes a comeback to town. She finds herself in the midst of a continuously dimmed series of unforeseen events and sickening g...

  • When The Lights Go Out
    242 52 2

    Achievements (Short Story Category) 🥇1st Place Winner in The Spring Awards 🥈2nd Place Winner in the Forever Awards 2020 🥉3rd Place Winner in The Crazy Late Nighters Awards Spring Edition Darkness... So calm, so peaceful, so quiet... So beautiful. Zaya loves darkness. She finds it comforting. She is a night-owl. U...

  • Hope and Believe
    2.2K 800 14

    " I didn't lose her. I lost my entire life" Lucas says looking at the twinkling stars which are shining so brightly. "You know Lucas, some people come in your life just to teach you how to let go" I stare into his deep black eyes. His eyes are no more dark and mysterious. There is sadness in his eyes. Sarah William...

  • Shifted
    5.3K 1.9K 47

    Lena Wilson is an 18 year old girl with a heart for travel. She knows everywhere she wants to go and how she'll get there. An exchange trip to England shifts every aspect of her life when she meets Hero. A rude College student with green eyes too bright to match his soul. All Lena has to do is stay away from him, righ...

    Completed   Mature
  • A World Of Broken Thoughts
    3.3K 416 82

    A churning sea of lost ideas gathered into a collection of poems and thoughts Disclaimer: does contain sensitive topics Photography by Chloe Collins Golden Rose Award in the Honeybee Awards 2020 - 13/05/2020

  • Uncharted
    561 54 9

    Discover new worlds in 'Uncharted', the official collection of all my short stories. If you're feeling peckish for fantasy and love to explore the unknown, this anthology is for you! Rediscover old favourites: - The Soul Hunt (A miniature fantasy saga inspired by Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away' and Henry Mikitish's...

  • The Mekai: The Return of the Prince
    1K 115 14

    The Mekai are a race of super-human warriors, spread throughout the world. They each obtain the power to control the elements and other forms of great wonder. Beings divided by "light" and "darkness", they have been thought of as being angels for over two millennia.... Ray is a 16-year-old Mekai with a major problem...