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  • Pantomime (Micah Grey #1) - First Six Chapters *COMPLETE*
    359 16 10

    Pantomime is the first book in the Micah Grey series, out now from Pan Macmillan. Please enjoy a look at the first six chapters here on Wattpad. In a land of lost wonders, the past is stirring once more . . . Gene's life resembles a debutante's dream. Yet she hides a secret that would see her shunned by the nobility...

  • THE RELIC GUILD (Book 1) Updated infrequently.
    19.9K 1.9K 63

    Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us. The Relic Guild is the award nominated first book in The Relic Guild trilogy. It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir. But when...

  • HEMLOCK (a short story prelude to The Relic Guild)
    510 20 2

    Who is Charlie Hemlock working for?

  • Unlocked: A Druid's Turn
    21.3K 1.9K 28

    “Who we are, and the purpose that binds us, has been observed and misinterpreted by many over time. These people saw us as exotic, powerful, and dangerous. They weren’t wrong. But that’s because they could never understand where our power comes from or why we have it. So eventually we became feared and then marginaliz...

  • Summoner: Origins - Book 0
    774K 33.7K 28

    Arcturus is just an orphaned stableboy, when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. As the first commoner to have this skill, he is sent to Vocans Military Academy, where the lost arts of summoning, spellcraft and demonology are taught to the noble children of the Hominum Empire. With n...

  • As the Crow Flies (The Adventure of a Thief)
    6.6K 595 81

    Not every prize is all it's cracked up to be... I am Crow, and I am a thief. Not just any thief, mind, but the best and most famous thief in all the glittering empire. Ask anyone. Ask Tanris, who's hunted me all these years and never pinched so much as a tail feather. Ask Baron Duzayan, the scheming wizard who convinc...

  • Realm of the Runes: Blood Right
    830K 32.4K 44

    Enter the year 2099AD - a living hell of industrial wastes, a dying planet, poverty, and high tech crime. When a mismatched group of youths are thrown together under dire circumstances, they learn that Time will be reset. They are the Octad - the eight mortals with Divine Blood, prophesied to save the world from a di...