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  • Stray Sparks
    66 6 1

    Hallie Coleman lives for fire. Without it, she would have been killed long ago- she doesn't need Joel or Louis or Mr. Thomas to tell her that; she has seen what the POSE is willing to do to keep a secret. But now, she wants more than just a few stray sparks. Hallie is searching for something that the POSE could never...

  • The Rain (Part III of the Runner Series)
    231K 14.4K 48

    The conclusion of The Runner series. ================================== Half a year has passed since the fall of Babel. In that time, tales of the Runner have drifted from truth into legend. There are stories of a thief who toppled an empire, whispers about a hero who sacrificed everything to free us from the iron gri...

  • The Scars on Her Back (Prequel to The Numbers on Her Wrist)
    44K 2.4K 34

    The life before 564 became Amelia Reyes is a gruesome one; a story that she could not and would not tell to many people. She had been labeled at a young age by three small numbers tattooed on her wrist. She had been taught to fight for her life and show no mercy. She had been used as an example to others and her bra...

  • The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series)
    3.2M 156K 53

    The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shadowy desert warriors. As a desperate bid to save what remains of humanity, society has been split into two distinct classes, nicknamed the Court and th...

  • The Numbers on Her Wrist
    1.1M 44.2K 44

    Best rank: #1 in Action! Included in Action's Featured List! Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their grasp. The men who raised her taught her the skills of a street fighter. They taught her to take pain. They taught her how to survive. They taught her...